Is a Custom Screen Room Right for Your Home?

Custom Screen RoomLiving in Jacksonville gives you the chance to spend a lot of time outdoors. Between the warm climate and bright sunshine, you may love sitting on your porch as you read, watch the kids run wild or chat with friends. As a resident of the city though, you also know that mosquitoes, bees, wasps and other creatures can wreak havoc on your comfort. Though you can give up and take the party inside, you can also ask yourself if a custom screen room might be a better option.

You Have a Uniquely Shaped Outdoor Space

Those who install custom Jacksonville screen enclosures in their homes are often those who have uniquely shaped yards. This may include an attached patio that has a rounded shape, a patio built up around your hot tub or a yard that features odd angles and has flowers planted along the edge. While installing a more traditional screen room over one of these areas or in one of these yards is nearly impossible, custom builders can easily design and install one that matches the exact size and shape of your yard or patio.

Safety is Important

When you love spending time outside but safety is always on your mind, talk with a custom screen room builder. There are few things worse than relaxing outside and seeing flying bugs and insects attacking you. While you can spray yourself down with insecticide first, few people want to deal with those messy sprays or the scents that those sprays leave behind. A screen porch that covers your patio or hot tub or one that attaches to your home lets you enjoy all the comforts of the great outdoors without those pesky bugs getting in your way.

You Have Pets

Pet owners know that animals need to spend time outside. Both dogs and cats absorb the rays of the sun through their skin and break down the sun’s rays into important nutrients. Even if you have a fenced in yard though, you may hate the mud and dirt that they bring in on their paws or the way they attack your lawn and plants. A screen room lets those pets enjoy all the benefits of the great outdoors without actually getting outside. Talk with a custom screen builder about other reasons why you might install one of these enclosures in your yard.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    My family visits my parent’s ranch every summer, but this year, my wife is hesitant to go because we have a newly-born baby and the ranch tends to have plenty of flying insects and bugs. I like that you said one of the solutions to this problem is having a screen room installed so the bugs can’t come to your house and bite your loved ones. Perhaps I can talk to my parents about getting one installed on the house’s porch so we wouldn’t have to worry about their granddaughter getting bit by mosquitoes. Thanks!

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