How to Thoroughly Clean Your Roof Shingles

roofersNot only does your roof serve you by providing the protection from the weather to your house, but it also has a saying in how will your house look. However, cleaning your roof from unwanted debris and stains affects not only the appearance of your roof and house, but it also helps the roof to be more efficient.

You won’t’ have to replace your roof for this one – here are a few tips on how to clean your roof thoroughly. You might want to call a professional for this one if you don’t know how to handle your roof or if you think you’ll feel unsafe up there. Nevertheless, keep in mind that thorough maintenance of your roof done by a professional can cost quite a bit of cash.

Inspect Your Roof First

Before you start cleaning your roof, make sure you take a look at it. There will be some things up there that you could overlook if you get on with the cleaning without inspecting every bit of your roof first.

You can use your binoculars, or you can climb up using a ladder. Make sure the ladder is firmly placed on a level surface. Use any protective gear necessary, such as gloves or ropes to prevent you from falling off your roof.

Get Rid of Large Debris

Not only does large debris create an unpleasant appearance, but it can also damage your roof. If there is enough of it, it will create an additional burden to your roof system, which may not be suited to withstand larger weights. Also, debris can prevent the rainwater from draining off your roof, which can create additional damage and leaks.

Remove the unwanted branches, twigs, and leaves using your hands. Make sure you have an area ready where you will throw it. A wind blower can also be a handy tool in removing debris off your roof. You can also use rakes, brushes or brooms, but be careful not to damage the shingles – equipment such as this one can remove shingle granules that boost the reflectivity of your roof.

Clean Stains and Moss

Black stains that have formed on your roof are basically dead algae which had been feeding off the organic materials in your shingles. They do not pose a real threat to your shingles or your house, but they do not look nice.

Moss is another “pest” to your roof, but cleaning moss should be your priority over cleaning stains because moss can, in fact, harm your roof. It can raise shingles and create an environment suitable for the creation of leakages.

There are many formulas for a perfect stain cleaning solution. Generally, people tend to mix bleach, detergent, and water to clean their shingles and use a spray can, a light broom or a scrub to gently clean the stains. In order to prevent any damage, contact your roof manufacturer or contractor. They will give you advice on what to use to clean stains off your roof and, possibly, indicate any dangers involved in using chemicals.

The biggest mistake you can make is to use a pressure washer when cleaning your roof. It has enough power to remove the granules from your roof, which can seriously compromise its health and decrease its lifespan.

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