Getting More Use from Your Outdoor Living Space

outdoorSince you live in Toronto, you deal with a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year. Whether you’re dealing with the heat in the summer or the cold and snow in the winter, you want to be able to use as much of your home as possible.
Outdoor living spaces are popular during the milder summer months, but you can get more use from your yard and patio by incorporating some of these ideas. You don’t have to say goodbye to relaxing outdoors just because it’s getting chilly outside!

Cover Up

Adding an awning or other covering to your patio will help you use the space more during the winter. It’s more enjoyable to sit outside on a chilly night when you’re not being hit by rain or snow. There are many different types of roofs and awnings available, so you’re sure to find a great fit for your needs and budget. You can even choose a retractable awning that you can open and close at your convenience.
In addition, you can keep some warm blankets outside for you and your guests once the temperatures drop.

Soak in the Warmth

One of the best ways to stay warm during the winter is by investing in a hot tub. Whether you’re interested in a saltwater tub or even a tub that self cleans, HydroPool offers a variety of hot tubs to meet the needs of different customers.
If you’ve never spent a winter evening watching the snow fall while you’re comfortable and warm in your hot tub, you’re missing out!

Add Heat

Finally, you’ll find you’re using your outdoor living spaces more there is heat available. Some consumers choose to enclose their patios completely and add central heating, but that is not your only option.
Portable outdoor heaters work well when you need heat on a limited basis, or you could even add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Having a lit fire is both warm and beautiful, and you can take advantage of the flames by roasting hot dogs or marshmallows with your loved ones.

Whether you choose one of these suggestions or use them all, you’re sure to enjoy having an outdoor living area that remains at a comfortable temperature year-round. These spaces are perfect for entertaining, so you might even find that you’re having holiday gatherings both indoors and outdoors!

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