Essential Features of New Garage Doors

gtegwrgrtGarage doors are an important part of any home. You need garage doors to provide security and peace of mind, as well as to add attractive value to the property. In short, garage doors matter. When you are shopping for new garage doors or replacing your old doors, here’s what you should consider.

Garage Door Springs

Consider whether, when you are replacing or installing doors, you need to look at garage door springs. If a door tilts upwards it will often have a set of extension springs that help to keep the door closed or open. Or, torsion springs are ideal for maintaining the structural integrity of sectional doors. These work well because they help to distribute the weight of the door properly. In general, torsion springs are a better choice because while they may be a little more expensive they are definitely more reliable.

Garage Door Openers

Most people think about the luxury or the necessity of having an automatic opener on their DoReMi Garage Door. This is clearly a benefit in terms of comfort and safety. It enables you to enter the garage without having to leave the car, which is much better when you consider the potential risk of a thief stealing a car while you are opening the doors. The best devices for opening garage doors include safety features, too. For example, a photoelectric device that stops the door closing if a car or a person steps over a light beam. You should also think about how you are going to operate the door. Many come with special key chains with devices you switch on to open the door but there are also doors that are linked to an app on your mobile phone, or garage doors that will only operate with a code.

Garage Door Material

Steel garage doors are durable and very secure. Plus, modern steel doors can replicate the look of wood without any of the problems associated with wood. On the downside, it is easier to dent steel and this can make it a problem to repair. Fiberglass and also aluminum doors are lightweight and strong. However, fiberglass ages quickly and it is not a particularly good insulator. Aluminum doors are more durable than fiberglass and they also do not rust, and are very light. But, again, it is very easy to dent an aluminum door. Wood garage doors are stylish and can be very charming, but they do require more frequent maintenance to keep looking good.

What to Consider when Buying a Garage Door?


Make sure you consider these factors before making a final decision to install a new garage door, to ensure you get the best option for your needs.

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