5 Reasons You Need Pressure Washing Services

When was the last time you scheduled pressure washing for your home or business facility? If it’s been more than a year or two, and especially if you can’t even remember your last visit from a power washing pro, it’s probably time to call a pressure washing company!

Before you neglected needed power washing, you might note 5 reasons why this service is so vital and why you shouldn’t go too long between professional visits. This will ensure your home or commercial structure is always clean and pristine and in good repair.

Protect Shingles With Roof Washing

Storm debris, including dirt, grime, sand, silt, leaves, twigs, and seeds tend to work their way in the nooks and crannies of a roof, loosening shingles and making them more likely to blow away in high winds. Shingles also get dry and brittle from soot, acid rain residues, air pollution, and other damaging elements.

Roof washing removes all that debris, protecting shingles as well as chimney brick, flashing, and other materials from damage. Pressure washing services also restore the look of dull and drab shingles and tiles.

Gutter Cleaning Protects Against Water Damage

Homeowners might not associate dirty, clogged gutters with water damage to their home, but the entire purpose of gutters is to direct rainwater off the roof and to nearby downspouts, and away from the house itself. Clogged gutters lead to standing rainwater, which then allows more water to splash over the sides of gutters and run down exterior walls, softening bricks and damaging siding while also leaving behind unsightly streaks.

Roof eaves and the edges of shingles also absorb overflowing rainwater, leading to water damage. This also increases the risk of moss, mold, and algae growth along the home’s exterior walls and roof, leading to even more damage! Gutter cleaning of a Bradenton home or business removes excess dirt and debris and leaves gutters clean and free of clogs.

Sand and Silt Eat Away at Concrete and Outside Stonework

Concrete, patio pavers, and other exterior stonework often seem very dense and durable, but sand, silt, and other gritty debris eat way at these surfaces over time. Airborne chlorine residues from pools and hot tubs also dry out concrete and stone, making them brittle and more likely to chip, crack, or otherwise suffer damage. A garden hose is ineffective at removing all this debris!

Concrete and driveway pressure washing ensures outside surface materials are cleaned right down to their pits and pores. Power washing removes not just sand and silt but damaging pool chlorine, lawn care chemicals, motor oil, and other corrosive substances, leaving behind a clean and protected driveway and walkways around your home or business.

Pressure Washing Expose Needed Repairs

It’s not unusual for crumbling brick, holes in aluminum siding, or broken shingles to be hiding under layers of dirt on a home or commercial structure! Mud and grime might also be hiding cracks along exposed concrete foundation, cracks in a concrete or asphalt driveway, and other such damage.

Pressure washing services in Bradenton expose areas of needed repairs, allowing you to replace shingles, patch up brick and concrete, and fill in small potholes along the surface of asphalt. Roof washing might also expose soft spots, sagging sections, and other areas in need of immediate repairs.

Improve Curb Appeal With Pressure Washing

Homeowners and commercial property owners are often shocked to see the improvement in their property’s curb appeal after pressure washing services! You might not realize how dull and dingy your structure’s exterior walls and roof have become over the years, or don’t notice layers of sand and silt covering your home’s pool surrounding or the walkways around your businesses.

Professional pressure washing services gives every inch of your property a fresh, clean look, restoring the color of brick and shingles as well as painted concrete. Window washing leaves glass sparkling, which washing away mold and mildew ensures an attractive exterior for your home or commercial building.

How Often Does a Home Need Power Washing?

Most homeowners need to schedule residential pressure washing services every two years or perhaps 18 months at the most. However, keep in mind that the weather and climate in Florida are rather unique, which means your needs for maintaining your home’s exterior are also not like anyone else’s!

Many homeowners choose pressure washing services every year, at least for their home’s roof and pool decks. A Florida roof is often coated with sand and silt as well as storm debris, increasing the risk of damage to shingles, as said. Florida’s warm weather also evaporates pool water more rapidly than in other climates, leading to airborne chlorine and other chemicals landing on surrounding concrete and stone. To protect your home from this potential damage, consider annual roof cleaning and pool deck cleaning, and other services as needed throughout the years.

Why Choose Professionals?

While regular power washing is vital for ensuring your property looks its best and is always in good repair, this doesn’t mean you should necessarily invest in power washing equipment or rent a pressure washer from the local hardware store. One important consideration is that pressure washing a home or business requires more skill and knowhow than you might realize; improper use of a sprayer often results in broken windows, torn screens, and a host of other costly damage!

Pressure washing equipment is also sometimes more difficult to control than homeowners and property owners realize; too much pressure might actually knock you backwards, right off your feet or off a ladder! You also might not realize that you’re using too much pressure on soft materials like wood decking and old brick until you’re done power washing and notice streaks, chips, and other damage. To avoid these risks, rely on professional pressure washing services for all the exterior cleaning you need to have done.

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