Tips on Trane AC Repair from Experts in the Industry

Air conditioning repair contractors have a hectic schedule during the summer, with homeowners having difficulty getting an appointment, especially true with leaders in the industry like Trane AC Repair Services.

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Many experts hope to help clients understand that they do not need to always make a service call to fix the system. Sometimes, troubleshooting will reveal a simple solution that can be handled in a few minutes at no cost, even if the whole unit, both inside and out, is not working.

Many of these situations can be resolved in one of two ways. Either the drain line is clogged with the need to clear it out, removing all the gunk, or in some cases, the air filter has not been changed in a long period of time, resulting in the system having to work twice as hard.

This needs to change based on your location, whether you have pets, and the amount of dust, pollen, and debris in the area, but the suggestion is roughly every 30 days for good measure.

Experts for Trane repair service for your A.C. suggest cleaning the drain line with every filter change using white vinegar. With these minor care and upkeep steps alone, you can encourage greater efficiency and fewer calls to the emergency service line.

Let us review a few tips for easy air conditioning maintenance many homeowners can do to avoid unnecessary service calls or emergency services.

Expert Tips for Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repairs

As a rule, homeowners should leave the primary maintenance and repairs to professionals like Trane Repair Service, one of the top air conditioning experts in the industry.

The inner workings of the HVAC system are intricate, with the potential for anyone not versed in AC repair to do extensive damage, resulting in more expensive repairs when uncertain what the problem is.

Troubleshooting, on the other hand, can rule out simple issues before reaching out to the experts. Let us look at a few things the professionals recommend for homeowner care and upkeep.

Bent fins

The aluminum fins for the air conditioning unit sit on the unit’s exterior. The fins are fragile and easily become deformed. These are what help keep the AC cool. Debris is often the culprit for bending the fins when it beats against the compressor.

It can be prevented by ensuring an approximate 2′ clearance around the unit’s perimeter. A “hand brush” slid along the fins is recommended to set them straight.

If severely misshapen, something sturdier like a “butter knife” will help gently mold them back into shape. These are incredibly thin pieces of aluminum that can easily fracture if roughly handled.

Level the unit

Consistently check to make sure the unit is still level. That will mean investing in a “spirit” level as part of your homeowner maintenance tool kit. If the equipment is lopsided, it will continue to pull in that direction, with the possibility of eventually toppling over.

If that were to happen, the refrigerant line can disconnect, creating leaks that are not only harmful to you but unsafe for the surrounding environment.

When the unit is not level, the condenser pump will be ineffective. The lubricant will not be able to go to the areas it needs to for optimum functionality; it will instead puddle on one side of the unit. This will create early wear for many of the parts.

When you find that your unit is not level, you will need to use shims to even the sides up.

Check electrical components.

Over time, you can begin to notice the AC running intermittently or occasionally sense a burning smell coming from the unit. It is important to periodically check what you can of the electrical components to see if these have become worn. That does not mean getting into the intricacies of the system.

The idea is to check the closest cables you can see and then contact a professional AC repair contractor for service if there is apparent damage. With annual preventive maintenance, the expert will check all the components and replace worn, broken, or damaged parts you do not see.

Final Thought

Experts in the industry, like Trane repair services, will do thorough annual or biannual tune-ups, another method for keeping the system functioning at peak performance. This, combined with homeowner care and upkeep, helps to prevent emergency service calls due to malfunctioning systems or shutdowns.

Service contractors detect defects in the early stages with preventive maintenance. These can be corrected before turning into extensive damage and expensive repairs. Go here for guidance on choosing the best AC repair service.

Troubleshooting as a homeowner follows a similar premise. When you notice something wrong, try to rule out the easy issues, correct those you find, and contact a professional to fix those out of your capabilities, the ideal air conditioning maintenance and repair partnership.

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