7 Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy Cooking

There is more to cooking food than just preparing a meal so that we eat because we are hungry. The food we eat matters. How the food is prepared matters. If we are not careful, there is food we’ll eat that will add to the body more than we intended for it to. That’s how we end up accumulating extra fat when all we wanted was to get rid of our hunger and give the body more energy. There are various gadgets that have been invented to make the cooking process not only an easier one but also assist in preparing the meals in a healthy way. Let’s look at 7 kitchen gadgets that anyone with the preference for healthy cooking should have as part of his or her cooking arsenal.

  1. Two Serving George Foreman Grill

You don’t have to always go outside to grill. That traditional method not only takes time to set things up, it also needs a lot of care and attention to cook the meat right. Why take the whole day to prepare your meat when you can do the same in a matter of minutes and in a far much more efficient and healthier way. The George Foreman grill drains all the grease from your meat while maintaining all the juicy flavor in. And it’s small enough to place on your kitchen counter.

  1. A Spiralizer

It’s the trend today; everyone is doing it. Spiralize everything; veggies, fruits, noodles, name it. With a spiralizer, you’ll be able to make noodles out of anything; even noodles themselves. But how does this reinforce healthy cooking? Well, it encourages you to play around with healthier ingredients like vegetables and fruits; that’s how. And you’ll also be able to make more visually appealing meals. Furthermore, once you spiralize your veggies and fruits, you can always steam them or slow cook them or make really good looking and healthy salads. Kitchen Gadget Lab is a great place to gather ideas on the different foods you can use a spiralizer on as well as other kinds of spiralizers to work with.

  1. Slow Cooker

Things like meat, stews, soups, and some desserts are best prepared sloooowwwlly. That’s where a slow cooker comes in. Nothing can beat a slow cooker at ensuring that your meat is really well cooked, and very few things can challenge a slow cooker at adding great flavor to your meals. And one of the best qualities about a slow cooker is that you will rarely ever burn food. There is no hurry for anything. All you need to do is determine how long your meal should take to be ready and keep yourself busy. Just make sure you are there when the meal is ready. Check out the Ivation 8-in-1 programmable multifunction slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and pressure cooker.

  1. Salad Spinner

Soggy veggies just taste funny on your tongue. And drying out your veggies with a towel doesn’t necessarily do the trick. A salad spinner is the answer. These have been around for a while now, and their essence in the kitchen is the same since they were invented. Salads are some of the healthiest meals you can eat. And that doesn’t make you a vegetarian. A salad spinner is one gadget you ought to have in your kitchen, if you value healthy meals.

  1. A Blender

Today we are making drinks from various food items; vegetables, fruits, a combination of the two, meat, cereal, ice-cubes, name it. A blender is an essential kitchen gadget in this sense. Moreover, most healthy drinks are those you make from home with fresh produce. I don’t think more needs to be said regarding the essence of having a blender.

  1. Steamer

Steamed foods contain fewer calories compared to fried ones. It only makes sense then that if you intend to cut down on foods that add unnecessary fat on your body, you should go the steamy way. With a steamer, you can steam your way to healthy meals. Meat is more tender and healthier when steamed; and did I mention more delicious. You will achieve similar results with fish, and as you already know, vegetables.

  1. Pressure Cooker

Save time, save flavor, and enjoy a delicious healthy meal. That’s the thing behind pressure cookers. They were once kitchen gadgets that were only seen with the rich, but today, even you can have it. Their ability to cook food fast enables the food to maintain its nutrients. Get to enjoy your favorite meals while they still contain their richest flavors.

The above are the 7 kitchen gadgets that are a must for cooking healthy meals.

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