Signs Your AC Unit Might Be Working Wrongly

Just imagine it is the first day of summer. You switch on your air conditioning unit and realize that it isn’t working. It is devastating, especially when you were not prepared for this.

When your AC unit stays for months without being used, debris and foreign substances might get in it and interfere with its functioning. It will need maintenance or repair.fittings

Apart from that, your air conditioning unit might be working but some signs in it can cause you to raise red flags. Here are the signs:

  • Making threatening noises.

You might experience unusual sounds from your AC despite the fact that it might be working well. On the other hand, not every strange noise from an AC is a sign of doom ahead. It is good to consult an expert to avoid any further damage.

  • Resistance to on cycle

This is a common problem with most AC units which have not been used for some time. Sometimes it might happen even to an AC that has been working well. The possible cause for this might be the thermostat not being set correctly or the AC unit isn’t getting enough power.

  • Poor flow of air

Sometimes the air-conditioning unit might be working but you still don’t feel comfortable as you used to. The reason behind this is that the air isn’t flowing well.

  • Having abnormally high utility bills

Your AC unit can cause abnormally high utility bills if there is inefficient operation. There might be a choked condensing coil which is mostly caused by an accumulation of debris.

  • Strange noises when starting up the AC unit

You might hear buzzing or rattling of your AC unit. This is a small problem that might be caused by a loose screw. It could also be a bent blade.

  • Shutting down of the AC unit unexpectedly

Sometimes you AC unit might shut at a moment that you still needed the air flow. This might be caused by placing the thermostat in the wrong place. You need to either relocate the thermostat or find an expert to fix it for you.

  • There might be water near your furnace

Normally as the AC functions, it generates moisture which then condenses. It collects and flows. If the water accumulates next to your furnace, that is a sign of disconnection or blockage of the tube.

You need an expert to help you inspect the tube.

How can you get your AC unit ready for summer?

As mentioned before, an AC unit might not function well after staying for some time before use. Before using your AC unit during summer, the following steps are vital to ensure efficient functioning of this system.

  • Clean the filters and replace them.

The filters might be clogged with dust which might tamper with the general functioning of the system. Cleaning and replacing its filters are a way of maintenance that improves its functionality.

  • Clean its condenser units

Condenser units are always located outside. You might need to clean it because it might contain debris.

  • Inspect the coolant lines

Your typical AC unit has refrigerant pipes that move from the evaporator to the condenser. There is an insulation that prevents the AC unit from losing energy. Check and see if the insulating areas are missing and replace them.

  • Test the AC unit

After cleaning the entire parts of the AC unit, it is time to test it. Turn the thermostat off, then turn on the power at the main panel and at the disconnect box. You can then switch the thermostat to cool. If it isn’t running properly, you need to see an air conditioning repair service.

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