Tankless Electric Heaters: an Overview

The heaters work wonders. However, there are certain precisions in choosing the right heater. Usually, it is a better idea to go with a heater that has an access to electricity than using the natural gas. The ones that are worked on gas supply require larger installments so the better-innovated tones for a small duration can be the electric heaters. So, let us have some of the highlights of the aspect of an electrically driven one.


Before one starts searching for a right electric driven water heater, he or she has to be quite knowledgeable about the aspects. Some of these aspects are:

  1. Size determination

The water electric tankless heaters one in multiple sizes. One needs to know that how many appliances are to be run at the same time using this heater. The number of the gallons that need to be drawn must be also calculated. This determination is a proper one because it will help out to find the right one. Not all the heaters are having the same potential. Normally in mind climates, about 4 GPM is the amount of speed rate that is needed for heating the water. In extreme wintery climates, it is about 7GPM. This is capable of running about three showers and faucet at the same time.

  1. Climate

The climate is an important factor that is used for determining the right heater. The heater must be enough to reach the temperature that is desirable. For calculation of the temperature, the temperature of the groundwater is enough. The places where the temperatures are below 60 degrees Fahrenheit require much power to heat the water in a quick manner.

  1. Copper wires

It is essential to check that in the electrically driven heaters, there is compulsorily a need for copper wire. The copper wire has high conductivity and will hence allow the electric supply to heat up the water quicker.

The display portion of the heater allows one to know the exact temperatures of the water that is leaving the chamber. This mechanism is a very powerful one to know the temperature and hence control it if it goes beyond the limit.

  1. Self-modulation property

The self-modulation property of an electric water heater is an essential property. This allows the heater to automatically make adjustments to the level of heating which will neither cause an accident, not spoil the apparatus, as well as the temperature of the water, will be at an optimized level.

  1. Cost

Cost is a criterion that must be valued. The cost of the installation of the tankless electric water heater is quite easier and hence costs lower than the traditional ones or the ones that are run by the natural gas supply. The installation is so easy that it can be done at home itself without the involvement of a technician.


The installation of the tankless heaters cost about $1782. Depending on the model the amount of the expenses are about $1000 to $2750. The hourly rate of eh plumbers is about $45 to $150.

The factors that affect the most are the labor cost and the type of the heating equipment. The labor costs, however, do not go beyond $450 for the purpose of installation. Besides, the accessories that are needed also have extra expenses. The accessories include materials like the connectors, the brass valve, and the other fitting parts. The use of the vents is about $100.

Besides, there is also an availability of solar heaters that have an average cost of $2000 to $6000.


The factors that determine which is the better one, that is the natural gas one or the electric ones are many.

  • Energy

The efficiency of the heater is determined by the higher energy factor number. The higher the number better is the efficiency. This number is determined by the department of energy. So, from these findings, it has been determined that in the natural gas heaters, the factor lies between 0.5 and 0.65. But the electric ones have about 0.9. But though the efficiency is low, it is quite a safe one and also does not require accessories for venting.

  • Recovery efficiency

This is the ability of a heater to heater the water. Though the propane ones have the property of giving high heated content, yet they are not useful when the water is needed at particular instants.


There are many reasons as to why these heaters can be a good one. They are popular due to many efficient ideas it presents. So, if one wants to access the best electric tankless water heater at home, he or she needs to have some ideas.

  1. Efficiency in terms of energy

They can provide the hot water at any time, so energy needed in these heaters is much less than the traditional ones. The wastage of energy is quite less than the tanked ones even though they use more energy. The water heating bills are greatly reduced by the use of the electric supply which can be switched on at any instant we want the water. Sometimes people find a requirement of using 40 gallons of water regularly in that case these heaters is still the best one due to their energy conservation properties.

  1. Installation and maintenance

They are very easy to be installed as well as maintained. The storing of the water is never a factor here and hence there is no fear of corrosion as well,

Switching on the heater immediately will give the supply of the water at any time of the day. So, there is absolutely no trouble in storing the hard water. There is never a risk of replacing a broken one on a regular basis. Replacing the parts of these heaters is much more advanced than those required in the tank styles.

  1. Space factor

The space that is required for the accommodation is so minimal that they can be fitted almost anywhere. These heaters are also used to be accommodated in places where there is a requirement of anti-freezing properties.

The most important point is, “the electric water tankless heaters do not require a venting system”.


The heaters can be a great one if they are matching the expectations of the family using it. Before choosing a right heater it is essential to check how useful it will be as per the requirements. As bought, the heater can guarantee a good lifespan. So, there is no requirement of frequent replacements like the older fashioned ones. So, try for yourself.

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