No Cool Air: Diagnosing the Root Causes of Inadequate Cooling

One of the most frustrating experiences as a homeowner is finding out that your AC isn’t blowing out cold air. The rooms keep getting warmer and warmer, and the need for AC repairs becomes imminent.

Here are the main reasons why your AC isn’t blowing out cold air.

Faulty Thermostat

When the air coming from your vents is not cold, the first place to check is your thermostat. Some thermostats run on batteries, and it may be as simple as replacing them with a fresh set to kick off that cold airflow.

Other times, you may see that someone in your home has accidentally changed the setting from cool to heat. This will also be an easy fix once you switch it back to the right setting. However, other times, a thermostat may break or be in an area prone to influence from heat drafts. You’ll want to call out a professional to check things out and get your home cool again.

Blocked Condenser Unit

Your condenser can have trouble when dirt and debris accumulate around your outdoor unit. Having anything too close to this portion of your system can disrupt airflow and make it harder for your AC to cool your home. Keep lawn clippings, mulch, and plants away from the unit to prevent this problem.

Dirty Air Filter

Sometimes, a dirty air filter is to blame for an HVAC system that won’t cool. Regularly changing it ensures your system can operate at peak efficiency. If you change the filter and it’s still not working right, you’ll want to call for AC repairs.

Compressor or Refrigerant Issues

Your compressor circulates refrigerant to help cool the air. If your HVAC system isn’t getting your home to the set cool temperature, it may be the compressor. Low refrigerant levels may be to blame too. Repairing air conditioners that aren’t cooling could be a simple fix or one that requires professionals.

Faulty Fan Motor

When there are problems with the fan motor, your air conditioner may not be able to reach the set temperature. This part circulates cool air through your home and when it’s malfunctioning, it can cause inadequate cooling.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

When dirty and debris build up on the evaporator coil, they create a layer of insulation. This prevents it from properly absorbing heat. Your unit will run longer and use up more energy while not sufficiently cooling your home. You can avoid this by making sure you get regular HVAC maintenance.

What to Do When Nothing Cool Is Blowing Out of Your Air Conditioner

If you’ve checked on the thermostats, the outdoor unit, and the air filter and your AC still isn’t blowing out cold air, you’ll need to call for professional HVAC repairs. Scheduling maintenance once or twice per year is the best way to prevent problems. As AC units age, they may require a little more TLC, something a trusted HVAC company can provide.

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