Are Vacuum Cleaners Necessary for the Homes without Carpets?

If you live in a carpeted home, then broom and mop is not the option for your everyday cleaning. You need to have a good vacuum cleaner to keep your home clean. However, what if your home is not carpeted? Do you still need one? Many people ask this question that they have wooden floors or tiles and if they should invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner. If you check vacuum cleaner online, you will find many answers to such questions.

The fact is that a vacuum cleaner has its own merits even for homes which are not carpeted. Let’s find out some of the benefits!

Why Use Vacuum Cleaners for Homes That Are Not Carpeted?

  1. A vacuum cleaner is an important appliance that is designed to keep your house clean by getting rid all the dust and dirt not only from carpets but also from floors, draperies, and upholstery. Besides these, it can also be used to clean sofas, cushions, window rims and more. It is a better option than simple manual dusting – reason – its powerful suction action sucks up the dirt logged in intricate pieces and crevices.
  2. When the floor is swept, or dusting is done, the dust gets smeared across the upholstery. It settles in the crevices or cracks and keeps building up there. It becomes the breeding ground for microbes, making the upholstery look old and dull. When you get new upholstered furniture home, it smells and feels so good, but as time passes it turns dingy and starts smelling dusty. The upholstery cleaning attachment ensures that all surface dirt and dust is removed.
  3. If you sweep grouted floor with a mop, then the dirt and dust just glide over the surface making it settle in the grout lines. One option is to look at DIY blogs and get down on the floor and scrub away. A mixture of two tablespoons of vinegar in a half a bucket of water can do the trick. However, using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner in place can collect dirt hiding in the cracks and corners with minimum manual labour. In today’s times when people are stressed for time, a perfect cleaning can be had with reduced effort.
  4. Cleaning a place with broom makes the dirt fly around the room as it escapes and hide in the edges and corners. There are many debates on the merits of using a broom before or after the dusting, with strong proponents on each side. Vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, sucks it up and locks it inside so that it cannot escape back. If the floor is being vacuumed, there is often no requirement of either dusting, using the broom or mopping the floor as there is no caked-on grime formation.
  5. This cleaning appliance helps in cleaning even large areas quickly and efficiently. There is absolutely no need to remove the furniture to clean underneath. All you need is proper attachments, which are designed to get under a piece and clean. A word of caution – you must learn how to use the attachments as per cleaning needs.
  6. People love to have pets at home, but pet dander is often a cause of big nuisance and allergies. You can efficiently get rid of this pet dander using a vacuum cleaner. Even cleaning the dust bag is easier, as it can be machine washed, rather than cleaning the dust pans in which the dirt and dander are collected.
  7. With a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, you can also contribute towards water conservation. You can dry vacuum the floor every day as this can help in getting rid of the dust particles and dirt around the room. Moreover, when you use the wet vacuuming option, the water doesn’t get dirty or muddy. So, you would require much less water for wet vacuum cleaning than what you would have needed for conventional cleaning with a mop.
  8. The last one can seem as a challenge for some and be liberating for other homemakers in India – you no longer need household help with the cleaning. Since the onus of the cleanliness falls on the owner/s, they can schedule cleaning as per their own convenience and time.

Keeping the home clean is a gruelling task, so make vacuum cleaners your best buddy in this endeavour. Invest in one, and enjoy the lighter, modern versions which make the task easy and simple. You will soon be glad to have it even if your home is not carpeted.

If you have any questions, please ask below!