Advantages of Using a Vaporizer

glow-vaporizerA vaporizer is a device which you can place your tobacco orother smoking herb in and once it heats up instead of releasing smoke it releases vapor. One of the biggest advantages of using a vaporizer is that you do not inhale the smoke; you inhale the vapor which is much healthier than inhaling in the smoke. It comes with two types, desktop and portable vaporizers, where the portable ones (like with the Ascent of are quite in demand. You will surely find it an advantage to buy a vaporizer because as you use it, you only get to use a small amount of your herb or tobacco which means you can save more and spend less.

How a Vaporizer Works

A vaporizer works by heating up your herb to its boiling point and instead of producing smoke, a vaporizer dehydrates the buds of the herb causing it to release its products without the risk of catching fire and eventually mixing with the chemicals in the air as the oxygen burns. At the end, the vaporizer gets rid of any chemical which is directly linked with the burning buds.

You put yourself at risk by inhaling the smoke from the various herbs that you may smoke. This may even include smoke from the papers used to roll up the herb as well as the smoke from the herb itself, which means that you end up taking more carcinogens than is necessary. However if you buy a vaporizer and use it, you will be saving yourself from a lot of health related risks.

Advantages of Using a Vaporizer

  • The bad byproducts as a result of smoking are removed.
  • The teeth are not stained by the smoke.
  • The smell from the burning of the herb is reduced to a great extent. This means that it is hard for a person who comes into the room to figure out that you were smoking a particular herb. This also means that the smell is not accumulated in your clothing, curtains, furniture or even hair. Thus you can remain incognito as to whether you smoke herbs or not.
  • A vaporizer creates a friendlier environment and thus you can have friends around and not have to worry about the risk of them being exposed to second-hand smoke or any unpleasant smells.
  • Buying a vaporizer also reduces the chances of starting up a fire once the lighter has been eliminated from the picture.
  • Buying a vaporizer also means that you do not need to use an ashtray since the buds are easily disposable once the beneficial compounds have been exhausted.

Most people tend to confuse a vaporizer with a humidifier. However the major difference is that a humidifier forms a cool mist whereas a vaporizer heats up the water thus producing a hot steam.

Taking Care of your Vaporizer

You should take great care of your vaporizer to ensure that you continue to use it for a long time. Cleaning a vaporizer after use is essential as it will prevent germs from thriving in it.

Whenever you use your vaporizer ensure that you drain it and thoroughly clean it. This will prevent bacteria from accumulating in the vaporizer and getting vaporized and entering your body.

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