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How to Secure Your Home in Less Than 10 Minutes

Home SafetyWorried about your home being burglarized while you are away? The best security systems to prevent thieves from getting into your home are those systems that you use regularly - which means they need to be things that you can do quickly and easily. Here are some quick steps you can use to secure your home in 10 minutes or less.

Put your valuables in the kitchen, not the master bedroom.

Thieves know that most homeowners put their precious jewels, antiques, wallets, extra cash, etc. in the bedroom. That's often where they head first when breaking into a home. The kitchen is often the last, since kitchens are filled with drawers and cupboards and nooks, and who puts a safe in the kitchen? Smart homeowners do - if you're leaving on vacation, find a good hiding spot in the kitchen.

Be mindful of what you put in the rubbish bin.

Thieves love new purchases, such as brand new televisions and fresh-from-the-factory tablets. And they'll have no trouble knowing about your new purchase if you leave all the boxes and packaging in plain sight in the bin outside. Be mindful of what you leave out - save packaging from expensive items and put it out only the morning of rubbish or recycling collection. And if you have something delivered, like a new refrigerator or washing machine, ask the delivery company to take the packaging away with them - most companies recycle and are happy to take it.

Secure those sliding windows and doors with a wooden or metal rod.

The most vulnerable parts of your house are sliding glass doors and sliding windows - and you can signal to thieves to move on by getting a wooden rod to place in the slider when you're not home. Just measure the door and stop by your local home improvement store and have them cut a piece to fit - it's just a few dollars and takes seconds to install.

Put those home security systems where most people don't see them.

Most homeowners plan a large home security sign in their front yard to ward off potential thieves. However, most would-be burglars enter homes from the side or rear doors. These doors should have the home prevention stickers - it tells a thief that the stickers aren't just for show, but that you really do have a system (even if you don't).

Don't share details on upcoming holidays and trips out of town.

Some homeowners love to brag and share about extended holidays and plans for being out of town. But why broadcast the fact that you'll be out of town, especially to strangers? There will be plenty of time to brag when you are back home - don't over advertise the fact that your home will be empty. However, you should let your neighbours know you will not be home, so if they notice anyone suspicious they can alert the authorities immediately.

Be mindful of what's laying around the house outside.

Many thieves look at garden sheds or tools that are just left lying around the house as potential tools to gain access to your house. Be sure to secure your tool shed or storage area just like the main part of your home.

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