What Your Dreams Say about Your Sleep

sleepSound sleep is essential for our mind and body. Without quality sleep, we can never be in the positive frame of mind. Earlier people used to be sleeping for minimum 9 hours a day. However, given the work pressure and competition in every sector of our life, we have been bound to cut the hours to an extent. Yet we all need minimum 7 hours good sleep a day. Now, if you consistently get less, you are likely to develop various kinds of complications and problems that will largely hamper your work flow and turn out to be a cause of health hazards.

Usually there are 3 cases that need to be taken into consideration. Let us have a sneak peak before knowing how to get good sleep.

Get Absolute Sleep without Any Dream:

Most of the individuals suffer from this problem. A quality good sleep means that it would be free from any distraction. But in real life it does not happen so. What we experience is an admixture of sleep and dreams, which is indeed very disturbing, curbing the sanity of our psyche. However, sometimes we happen to get absolute sleep without any dream. This happens not always and certainly a case of rarity.

What do dreams mean? According to Freud, "dreams are the royal road to the unconscious" in the sense that they could be interpreted in the way that will unlock the hidden impulses in the unconscious. Dreams may thus reveal our genuine identity, our cravings, curiosity and many more. Freud has mainly promoted this semantic view of dreams however, a section of psychologists have discarded this idea and they have rather suggested that dreams occur due to random neural firings in the brain when the body is at the rest. They are of the opinion that theses neural firings create images in the brain while Freud has emphasised the case of repressed emotions and held it as the sole cause of dream.

Have Few Dreams in the Sleep:

It is often experienced few dreams occur during sleep. The nature of such dream is pretty light. That means you can hardly remember what you dreamt of last night. Sometimes, we forget everything about the dream. We cannot even call up those images that occurred in the mind last night. You can't explain how the dreams exactly look like.

Have Heavy Dreams During the Sleep:

Sometimes we see dead people in our dream. If this is the case with you, you can interpret it as the parts of your personality. This is indeed ridiculous to connect such person with spiritual entity. Needless to mention, that the dead person in your dream is not the person who really died, but that occurs dead only in your dream. There might be another case if the dead person is your loved one. It seems you subconsciously think about him or her. Certain dreams are the evocative of the past, bearing deep rooted meaning. There might be issue that needs attention too. So, make sure to write them in diary for after a period of time we just forget the dream whereas some dreams leave an indelible mark in our psychological terrain.

Consider these following tips for sound good night sleep:

  • Make sure your bedroom is perfect for sleeping in.
  • Try to optimize the temperature to just under room temperature as it aids you in sleeping.
  • Make sure you have a regular night time ritual before you go to sleep.
  • Make sure your drinking and eating habits closer to bed time are correct.
  • Follow a regular sleeping schedule involving sleeping and waking up times.

There are many other tips that you can consider in order to avoid sleep disorders. However, these are some classic tips that you can try. Put off your reading glasses and go to bed. You will be benefit from them for sure.

If you have any questions, please ask below!