Herbs, Dietary Supplements, and Natural Remedies for Asthma

Natural-Remedies-for-AsthmaIn the United States, a lot of people suffer from asthma. The latest fact-sheet released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show more than 18 million adults and 6 million children are suffering from this respiratory disease, many of whom rely on over-the-counter medicines.

Doctors are recommending alternative medicine to people, who suffer from asthma. The alternative medicines don't always come in the form of pills but sometimes in the form of dietary supplements, acupuncture, massage therapy, herbs, requisite nutrition, chiropractic therapy, botanicals, homeopathy, etc.

Beclovent side effects

The sight of Beclovent inhalers in the hands of asthma patients is very common. But as natural remedies are taking over, doctors are discouraging people from using those inhalers. A Beclovent inhaler contains a steroid called Beclomethasone, which is infamous for its side effects.

Some common side effects are blurred vision, chills, nausea, skin rash, darkened skin, dizziness, problems urinating, etc. Even though not all side effects require doctor's attention, some definitely do. Bleeding, tight chest and cramps are all serious side effects. Respiratory side effects include coughs and gasps.

Natural remedies

Natural remedies don't come with any side effect, which is why, health care professionals bet on them so much. Applying such a remedy is very simple. Anybody can avail those remedies. For example, avoiding a particular food that causes you allergy qualifies as a natural remedy.

Stress sometimes aggravates asthma symptoms. By following natural ways to reduce stress, you can prevent your asthma symptoms from getting worse. Yoga is one such natural remedy as the breathing exercises in yoga can alleviate asthma alongside offering various cardiovascular benefits.

The reason everyone endorses yoga is it doesn't require any special diet or fitness equipment. Anyone can practice it and obtain several health benefits.

Herbs and supplements

Beside yoga, there are various other remedies. One type of remedy requires dietary supplements and herbs. Herbs containing omega-3 fatty acid and antioxidant supplements have been proven effective in the treatment of asthma. Vitamin C and E are useful too.

Research done in this area has shortlisted two natural solutions for asthma, which are Lobelia and Khella. Here's how they aid in lessening asthma:

  • Lobelia: The FDA earlier banned Lobelia as it was allegedly causing toxic effects. But succeeding research exculpated Lobelia from this accusation. The intake of Lobelia in moderate quantities doesn't cause any harm. Dr. John Christopher explained the several benefits of Lobelia and the reason it never caused a single death so far.
  • Khella: The proven benefit of Khella is it dilates blood and bronchial vessels without causing the adrenal gland any stimulation, which caffeine does. A regular intake of Khella can reduce the number of acute asthma attacks. Bronchitis and bronchopneumonia both amplify the risk of asthma.

Khella is useful for asthma but before using it, consult with a doctor to know the exact dosage because not all dosage suit all people.

Acupuncture treatment

Scientific studies haven't yet conclusively established acupuncture can alleviate asthma. But anecdotes from several asthma victims indicate acupuncture can indeed minimize asthma attacks and improve breathing.

Many acupuncture professionals claim its effectiveness in the treatment of initial asthma attacks. Some experts even held applying herbs and acupuncture together can ward off from external pathogenic factors such as heat or cold, which in turn reduces asthma attacks.

The role of diet

You need to have a diet plan at work if you want to cure your asthma. Creating a diet plan is fairly easy; all you need to do is identify the best and worst food, avoid the worst food and increase the intake of the best food, that's all.

Some of the worst food are:

    • Peanuts
    • Eggs
    • Salt
    • Prawn

On the other hand, some best food for asthma are:

    • Avocado
    • Flax seeds
    • Apple
    • cantaloupe

Go out in the sun as that can increase the Vitamin D levels and help you fight asthma.


You can take natural anti-inflammatory supplements to reduce asthma attacks. Some supplements are directly useful for asthma while some others benefit in roundabout ways. Many drug stores these days are selling herbal supplements that can offer relief from a broad range of health conditions including asthma.

You can try those supplements and stay healthy.

If you have any questions, please ask below!