Nursing Specialties Where the Demand Is High

Great writing skills are important for all of us, and nurses are not an exception. Writing is an important element of nursing, but today we will focus on a little bit different topic: nursing specialties. Treating people is not an easy job, and even the most competent doctor cannot do it alone, simply because there are so many more patients than doctors. Nurses help doctors to cope with a large amount of work. So, let’s take a look at some of the most demanded nursing specialties.

Intensive Care Unit Nurses

These nurses help people facing really difficult times. Such professionals provide both physical and mental care. These nurses take care of patients whose conditions are really severe: organ failure, car accident, surgery, etc. Such professionals must be ready for anything, as, in some cases, they are the only ones to save a human life. So, they are taught how to behave in most critical situations.

They can also assist doctors during medical procedures of different complexity, also being responsible for informing family members of the conditions of a patient. The demand for intensive care nurses is growing each year.

Cardiovascular Nurses

A cardiovascular nurse, also called a cardiac nurse, works with patients who have conditions and diseases related to the heart and blood vessels. Nurses in this field often work with patients who have heart conditions and a range of conditions that prevent the heart from working properly. They can work with critically ill patients as well as those recovering from heart surgery. Some of these nurses also provide home care for recovering or suffering from cardiovascular disease patients.

Cardiac nurses usually work under the supervision of cardiologists who treat cardiovascular conditions. A cardiovascular nurse can interpret test results, such as those that monitor a person’s heart rate, and implement a cardiologist’s treatment plan if abnormalities are present. The average salary is about $88,000. That’s one of the reasons why nursing writing is believed to be important by students.

Operating Room Nurses

The operating nurse is the main link between the surgeons and the entire process of the operating unit. Ensuring well-coordinated and clear interaction between the participants in the operational process is one of the main duties of the operating nurse.

Timely prepared instruments and materials are passed to the surgeon by a nurse. She is also responsible for monitoring compliance with aseptic standards during surgical intervention, is able to provide emergency care to the patient, has excellent knowledge of anatomy, the course of the operation, and the actions of the doctor, calculating the steps of the surgeon a few ahead. One cannot overestimate the role of nursing staff in ensuring the clarity and coherence of the work of the surgical department, which is characterized by a high workload and responsibility. The nurse, being the link between the doctor and the patient, plays one of the key roles in providing surgical care to patients. The average annual salary is about $74,000, but it may differ depending on location, establishment, etc.

Pediatric Nurses

Pediatric nurses often consider their profession not only a job but also a vocation. No wonder: they play an important role in the child’s life and family. Pediatric nurses, unlike other nurses, specialize exclusively in the needs of children from birth to late adolescence. Even though children are their main patients, they often deal with the patient’s parents and family. They explain the condition of the child and reassure the parents.

They create a team dedicated to children’s health with doctors and other healthcare professionals. Nurses see a little patient much more often than a doctor. Their duty is to take care of children and spend time with them when they are not feeling well. The salaries of such professionals can differ greatly: from $55,000 to $88,000. The final salary depends on education, hospital type, and, of course, experience.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurses

Neonatal intensive care unit nurses are responsible for taking care of newborns. Such professionals assist during births, monitor newborns, are responsible for medications, and can treat diverse diseases.

Summing Up

It is next to impossible to replace such a professional: these nurses also help parents to take proper care of their children while they stay in the hospital. All parents are worried about their children; that’s understandable. Intensive care nurses also provide moral support to parents, helping them cope with difficulties a little easier. The average annual salary is about $71,000. In some regions, nurses earn even more.

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