Medical Office Assistant: A Promising Career Option in Healthcare

If you are willing to start a worthwhile career in healthcare, there are several options. Whenever someone thinks of choosing the medical field, he or she either thinks of being a doctor or a nurse. However, there are several other career options in the healthcare sector. Administrative jobs in medical offices can also be an alternative. Individuals having good multi-tasking and communication skills can think of an administrative career in medical offices.

As the health service industry is thriving, medical office administration are at the central focus of this growth. As the technology advances and the population rises, need for healthcare services become increasingly essential. The medical office administration jobs are growing at a rapid pace with the expansion of this sector. Therefore, it is the best time to follow this career path. Now even as common person you can take for benefit of medical care in low cost and If you want to applying for an ehic renewal then you can take help from the professional service provider don’t stuck in any scam or fraud.

What are the requirements to become medical assistant?

A high school diploma or equivalent degree is required for various entry level jobs in this sector. However, most of the healthcare organizations prefer students who have completed vocational medical office program from reputed institutions. The training program usually consists of courses in medical terminology, biology, accounting, record-keeping, and insurance practices. The job patterns differ from one office to another. On the job training, therefore, make a young assistant completely ready for the job.

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The assistants are an integral part of the healthcare team, providing patients comfort and the most pleasant experience that they can expect from a healthcare facility. To be medical assistant one has to be organized and a good communicator. Most of the healthcare organizations implement advanced technology to take care of their administrative functions. The candidate must have adequate computer knowledge so that they do not find any difficulty in managing the office jobs. They have to update themselves as new systems and methods emerge in the healthcare sector. Like all other medical profession, attention to details is a must for this particular job sector also.

Where the medical office assistant can work?

Medical office assistants are the first point of contact between the patients and office. Along with guiding patients, they also work behind the scenes to chart updates, coordinate referrals, insurance refurbishments, lab test reviews, and perform other functions that help a medical office run smoothly.

Medical office assistants often work in hospitals, doctors' or dentists' offices, surgical centers, and sometimes in government agencies and insurance companies. They have to interact with people throughout the day. Interactions can be with patients, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare industry staff.

Along with the administrative jobs, the office assistants take patients to the examination room, take their blood pressure, record weight, and perform various other basic medical exams.

What are the duties that these assistants have to perform?

The professionals have to handle both general administrative tasks and perform basic healthcare functions. They may have to greet patients, purchase supplies, file records, schedule appointments, and keep the examination room and waiting room in order. Other than these administrative functions, the assistants also have to perform certain basic healthcare functions.

They have to educate the patients about special diet and medication. They will take x-rays, perform electrocardiograms, remove stiches and do basic lab works. They may also have to take blood pressure and record the medical history of the patients. In large organizations, the office assistants tend to have expertise in particular areas. They can either be a patient representative involved with admission, insurance billing and coding of patients or an Administrative Assistant performing multiple tasks.

After completion of the training program, medical assistants can pursue rewarding careers in variety of positions. If interested in this program, you can pursue anyone of the further educational options:

  • Diploma in medical office administration
  • Associate in Applied Science degree in Medical Office Administration
  • Second Associate in Applied Science Degree in Medical Administrative Assistant

Regardless, of the size of the healthcare organization, expert medical office assistants can make a real difference in the patients' experience.

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