How to Choose a Good Nutritional Supplement to Lose Weight

Lost and Gained weightThe hottest trend to help lose weight is nutritional supplements, but there are so many on the market. So which one do you choose for you? Do you choose the brand name, or do you pick one with the celebrity on the front of the packaging? Here are some tips to help you choose the right supplement for you.

Prescription vs. Non-Prescription

This is a big one. You need to choose if getting a prescription supplement is important to you. These supplements that only your doctor can prescribe help to suppress the appetite usually, and help provide energy to encourage you to exercise. They need to be prescribed because they need to be monitored for organ damage and can be addictive. The same goes for non-prescribed supplements, since they basically do the same thing and have the same effects, however, they are over-the-counter.

The Key Ingredients

Make sure to know what active ingredients are in the supplement, as well as the inactive ingredients to check for allergic contents. Some ingredients are labeled differently, and what could be your magic weight loss pill will send you to the hospital with anaphylactic shock. Plus, you really should educate yourself on what is in these supplements, and always check with your doctor when starting a weight loss regimen.

Pill or Powder?

You need to think about whether you want your supplement in a pill form or a powder form. Some like the easy accessibility of the pill, while others don't mind spending an extra minute or two to mix the powder up with some water. This is more of a preference, but some brands and some supplements are not made in the other form. Some supplements only come in a pill form, while some come in both, or even shots. It all depends on which method you prefer to take your supplements. The most common form is the dietary supplement, like the supplement Nutrilett.

Will you change your lifestyle?

Choosing a supplement is the beginning, but are you really committed to losing weight and getting healthier? Make sure you are seeking out supplements for the right reasons. Supplements are there to supplement your weight loss, and not to work on its own. Try to start an exercise regimen and eat healthier.


What extras do you want?

Some supplements have different added benefits, so make sure to seek what you are after. Some boast better skin, or some have antioxidants to help protect you from free radicals. Do some research and find the right one for you. Do you want one that gives you shiny hair, or do you want one with extra caffeine for a huge energy boost? Check out what is one the market and find one that gives you some extra perks or one that just gets the job done.

Pick Your Flavor

If you go down the route of a dietary supplement, you'll probably come across the idea of what flavor to pick. They have everything from Cookies and Cream to Rocky Road, to Matcha Green Tea. One of the fun parts of supplements is choosing a flavor that you will enjoy, whether you blend it in a blender, stir it in your orange juice with a spoon, or if you shake it up in your Blender Bottle. In all seriousness, you will want to pick a flavor that you won't mind for a month or two until your diminish that supply and need to buy some more. Or, you can buy multiple flavors to shake it up and last around 6 months down the road.

Picking a supplement is no small matter, especially since it can have adverse side effects and your supply will usually be long lasting, up to at least a month. So readjust your lifestyle and look at all of the ingredients to look for any extras and any ingredients that you may be allergic to. You need to decide if you want a prescription supplement and which way you want to take your supplement. You should also take into account that supplements are usually part of a lifestyle change to not only lose weight but to get healthier and stay healthy.

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