Top 5 Safe And Effective Weight Loss Ideas For Teenagers

A recent study of 6000 teenagers shows that one in every ten teenage girls is “too worried” about being fat. An alarming number choose weight loss programs and avoid some types of foods to stop themselves from getting fat. The study published in the Telegraph is very alarming.

In a way, today’s lifestyle and fast food culture have contributed to major weight gain concerns for teenagers. It is good that teenagers have a healthy consciousness level about setting themselves limits to healthy weight gain. The BMI for teenagers is slightly different from that of the adults. It is calculated in the same way but instead of set values, it is compared with BMI of other kids of the same gender, age and ethnicity

It is very important for teenagers to have a balanced diet with a regular eating habit and a good attitude. Being active at the younger age makes you feel active when you are into adulthood too.

Is there a safe and healthy way to lose weight for teenagers? Here are 6 safe and effective weight loss ideas

1. Sleep Enough

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It is very important that teenagers sleep enough for their age. Today, the social media is a big distraction to the regular sleep patterns of the teenagers. Avoid being on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter all the time. Another major distraction is spending time on games on your gaming consoles or the X-Box. These late night waking patterns must change to make you feel healthy.

2. Eat Healthy

A healthy diet rich in proteins, vitamins and Iron is essential for the growth of teenagers. It is a must for teenagers and young people to make sure they get an adequate calorie every meal.

teens eating healthy

If the intake of calories is low, your growth could hinder. Ideally, every teen should take more than 13 calories per pound of their body weight each day. Teenagers are most susceptible to Eating disorders like Anorexia nervosa and Binge eating. It is best to keep your health at safety.

3. Work Out Every Weekday

Instead of beating up yourself with the calorie counters, try hitting the gym. Being active makes young men and women lose weight at a faster and healthier way. As teenagers, it is very important to gain healthy pounds to support your bone growth and tissue elasticity.


It is also a great idea to take part in sports events and activities that make you move like dancing or aerobics. They help in safe weight loss. Take a break on weekends as your body needs rest as well.

4. Feel Inspired

Being inspired by a good body shape and form makes young minds lose weight in a healthy way. Always keep a check not to feel very pressurised about having a certain “look” that makes you feel like a model.


Staying positive when you feel stressed helps you in your weight loss. Watch inspirational videos and audio to make yourself feel better. Keep negativity at bay and hope that you will get what you want. Avoid comparing yourself to others.

5. Get Support

Being part of a good support system is essential for healthy weight loss. If you have friends or family that support your weight loss journey, you feel more safe and secure. There are also many activity groups focused on teenagers

You can join any active weight-loss forums for active participation and support from unknown people. Many popular weight loss drugs have weight loss support forums like Phentermine. Teenagers may find weight-loss pills very attractive to lose weight. If you plan to use any, please consult your doctor first. At teenage, it is easier to lose weight by dieting and exercise as your body is younger.


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