How to Stay Germ-Free in the Grocery Store

If you're like most people, you probably do your shopping in the grocery store never thinking twice about germs and bacteria. But just because you don't think about it doesn't mean the problem isn't there. You'd be surprised how many germs have turned your average grocery store into their home living everywhere from the cart to the till. Here are 5 quick tips to stay out of trouble and avoid diseases with names you dread hearing:

1. Use wet wipes.

When visiting the store, a cart handle is what you usually touch first. Therefore, it is very important to clean that handle as this is the place your hands are going to spend most time at for the duration of your shopping. Wet wipes are recommended as they are easy to come by, the chance of having some with you is big and they do a good job cleaning various surfaces.

2. Be careful around the veggies.

Bacteria and germs generally like wet places. So where can you find a place like this in your typical grocery store? That's right - at the veggie misters. This is not to say that you should not buy vegetables. However you can put the plastic bag on your hand first and then grab and bag whatever you need.

3. Use a cover.

Kids always want to sit in the carts but at this age they are even more vulnerable to germs. To protect your children you should always use a cover where they are sitting. Just imagine how many other kids have been there and not only sitting but stepping on the cart with their feet.

4. Use bags.

Small plastic bags in the grocery store are free and they are there for a reason. Many people don't use them if they are buying small amounts of fruit - 1 or 2 apples for example. This is asking for trouble as then you have to put the fruit in your cart without any protection. Then that fruit goes to the conveyor belt at the till to collect some more germs. Using a plastic bag to protect goods like this is truly important.

5. Use soap.

Soap is a great way to sanitize your hands before going to the grocery store and after coming back from it. Most people obsess about finding the best antibacterial sanitizer but as it turns out this can do more harm than good (find out why below).

Even though these tips will help you minimize the risk of infections and diseases, you are not 100% ready to visit the grocery store yet. Make sure you check out the infographic below (shared by for more information on this topic and prepare yourself completely.GroceryHow do you fight the war against germs? Share your ideas and opinions below.

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