What to Do to Speed up Hair Growth and Improve Hair Condition?

In an ideal world, we would all become owners of hair that are easily adjustable in length, density, and shade. But unfortunately, in the real world, it is not so simple. Although not hopeless.

The problem with the density of hair, for example, can be solved with special sprays and serums for volume. As for the color, you can achieve any hair color through different types of hair dyes. And what about the length?

What Will Help to Strengthen Hair?

Let’s start with the bad news: our hair, no matter how hard we try, will not become significantly longer in a month. “But you can stimulate hair growth by investing in special supplements,” says Nunzio Saviano, a New York-based stylist. “Look for those that contain biotin, B-group vitamins and omega-type fatty acids that have proven themselves in terms of improving the quality and quantity of hair.”

But, on the other hand, you should remember that nutrients are more correct and safer to get from vitamin therapy or food products: biotin – from the liver, egg yolks, nuts and avocados, vitamins of group B – from walnuts and almonds, bananas, oatmeal and tomatoes, omega acid – from fatty fish and seafood.

But there are many practices that can support hair growth:

  • The use of oils. Argan or jojoba is rich in hair strengthening proteins;
  • Head massage. Pressing circular movements in the process of washing hair to stimulate blood circulation, which, in turn, allows the cells of the scalp to be renewed faster and stimulate hair growth;
  • The proper comb. A comb that does not hurt the hair will allow them to look much better. And if you choose the option with a massaging effect, then the first results, experts believe, will not take long to show;
  • Shampoo with targeted ingredients. For people who want to accelerate hair growth, stylists, as a rule, recommend stimulating shampoos that refresh the scalp, clean pores, and hair follicles – with rosemary, mint or tea tree oil in the composition;
  • Moisturizers. First of all, it is hair conditioning. Because if you do not moisturize your hair regularly, they will become more prone to breakage, so that there will be no question of rapid growth.

In addition, the hair masters say that there are things that, on the contrary, should be avoided. For example, it will be helpful to reduce the amount of hair drying per week, allowing hair to dry naturally to avoid thermal damage. And in those cases where you just can not do without a hairdryer and straightener, do not forget to use thermal protection.

Also, keep track of the number of styling products that you use on a regular basis. Especially when it comes to dry shampoos that can weight the hair (making them more sensitive to damage) and clog pores on the head. Do not forget to cut your hair tips every two months. Even if it seems to you that in the case of hair growth this is extremely illogical, it actually will stimulate hair growth.

Products That Will Help You Improve Hair Health


Hair is a protein fiber, which means that you need to eat more protein in order to grow new strands and make existing ones stronger. Protein is also needed for the production of keratin – a key structural component of hair. So a protein-rich fish would be a sensible choice: for example, salmon, which, thanks to omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, is especially useful for improving the condition of hair in women.


Honey, in cases of topical use, can improve the appearance of thinning hair and split ends. In addition, studies have shown that in patients who have problems with the scalp (and healthy scalp equals healthy hair) and consumed 1-2 tablespoons of honey daily, their hair became stronger and healthier.


Studies have shown that women suffering from hair loss have significantly lower levels of iron and vitamin D2 than the average age group. Spinach is an excellent choice, as it boasts a high content of not only iron but also vitamin C, which, in turn, promotes the absorption of iron. Mix the spinach, dried in a frying pan (this activates its beneficial properties) with hard-boiled eggs and mushrooms loaded with vitamin D.


Scientists found that among the participants who were more prone to hair loss were those in whose body was not enough zinc. Moreover, regardless of the reason why the hair fell out, the level of zinc, in any case, was below the norm. Fortunately, it was also possible to prove that eating foods rich in zinc can save you from this problem. Start by eating gourmet oysters, which, according to the latest data, contain more zinc per serving than any other food. Other food sources of zinc include walnuts, spinach, eggs, sunflower seeds, green peas, wheat germ, oatmeal, and chickpeas.


First, pumpkin, rosemary and coconut oils act like nectar on the scalp, improving blood circulation and promoting hydration. Plus, the consumption of oils – especially sunflower and grape seed – on a regular basis contributes to the improvement of the condition of hair and to the nutrition of strands along the entire length. Still thinking about filling up a salad for dinner? You know the right answer.

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