Six Skin and Hair Benefits of Shea Butter

If your skin type requires a highly rich moisturizing cream, then you must probably already be familiar with Shea Butter. It is one of the few natural body care solutions that are so pure that it can actually be used even in cooking delicious desserts.

Shea butter is produced by extracting the essential oils from the nuts of Shea tree that only grows in the savannah of Western Africa.


Its secret that assured its huge success is Vitamin A, which is a compound that improves and heals some skin conditions, such as wrinkles, eczema or dermatitis. It can also attend the consequences of exposing the skin to external factors (sun, insects, and environment).

All these considered Shea Butter is a natural miracle for your body, and we should all be aware of its man six skin and hair benefits.

1. A remarkable skin repairer

The vitamins and vegetable fats in the Shea butter not only moisturize the skin, but they also provide it with the ideal care treatment to heal even the major wounds the skin suffers.

Shea butter is a great remedy for dry skin and scalp, and it can even help you eliminate the cracked skin on the heels, elbows and knees once and for all. What it does is that it uses its rich texture to penetrate through the skin layers until it reaches the core of the skin problem. It gets quickly absorbed into your skin which locks the moisture in place, and the cream is hardly wasted when your skin gets in contact with other surfaces.

Once applied, Shea butter protects your skin from external factors like sunburns, frozen temperatures, cold wind, and you will no longer feel your skin irritated.

2. Anti-aging properties

The aging process of your body is activated both by internal and external factors. The internal factors can be eliminated only in laboratories. However, the external factors like the ultraviolet sun rays, sleepless nights, the quality of the foods we eat, stressful situations or other agents have a strong impact on our mind and body.

With its high source of antioxidants and phytosterols, Shea butter nourishes and feeds the skin. Vitamins A, D and E are abundant in Shea butter which can effectively fight against cellular degradation that is triggered by environmental agents.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties

Vitamin A is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which together with acid fats rejuvenates skin cells by replenishing them without clogging the pores. The essential fatty acids work on lubricating and protecting the cellular membranes of your body and combat the side-effects of any inflammation that weakens the skin cells.

Shea butter has another miracle working ingredient, and that is the Cinnamic acid. This acid has proven to whiten the skin, which usually becomes pigmented with an unnatural color nuance when it gets sore and inflamed. Thus the inflamed areas are relieved, and their redness successfully vanishes.

4. Anti-bacterial properties

The raw African Shea butter presents an ideal favorable living environment for some of the most efficient acne fighting substances.

Vitamin A is a noble vitamin that is known to rejuvenate the skin. Any effective acne treatment incorporates a dose of such vitamin because it helps eliminate the excess oil and actually kill the acne bacteria. It also contains retinoids that are the number one enemy of wrinkles. The vitamin D that can be found in the Shea Butter strengthens the immune system which makes it strong enough to fight the germs on its own.

5. Reestablish the health of the scalp


Once the follicles of the hair are damaged by chemical hair products, your scalp becomes itchy, dry and the flaking starts. One agent that not only soothes the scalp itchiness but also reestablishes the health of follicles is Shea butter.

Once Shea butter is thoroughly rubbed in on the scalp, the rich moisture penetrates the damaged skin layers. A rehabilitative process is activated through massaging the scalp, and if the process is repeated throughout several weeks, the scalp will become healthy once again.

The follicles will recover from the positive effects of all the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients comprised of Shea butter. The follicles will function normally again which will encourage the growth of a more healthy and well-moisturized hair.

6. Revitalize the strands of hair

Shea butter does not work only on the scalp level, but it works miracles once applied on the strands of hair also. Shea butter creates a protective layer throughout the entire length of the hair, ensuring that each strand is nourished and moisturized, which attributes the hair new shine a healthy look.

Together with Shea butter, use aloe vera to get rid of split ends, avoid the hazard of hair breakage and eliminate the dry texture of hair for good.

All in all, Shea butter is another miraculous health fountain that nature bestowed us. This amazing ingredient has many wonderful benefits that can bring a positive impact to your lifestyle. Besides its benefits, it is also a great body and hair cream for massages, so you can start using it on a daily basis.


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