Guide for Choosing Colored Contact Lenses

Now that you’ve made up your mind about getting colored contact lenses, let’s delve deep into what kind of colored lenses are right for you.

Colored lenses can either be prescription lenses or plano contacts. Prescription lenses help you correct an issue with your eyesight as well as change the way your eye looks. Plano contacts, on the other hand, are purely worn for cosmetic purposes.

Different types of colored lenses that you can choose from

  • Visibility Tint: These lenses only have a slight tint making it easier for you to locate your lenses over transparent contacts.
  • Enhancement Tint: These are translucent lenses that add a hint of color to your natural iris.
  • Opaque Tint: These lenses are completely opaque and transform the color of your eye.

When to get the visibility tint lenses?

If your only issue with your lenses is that you find them hard to wear or locate in case you drop them on the floor, get the visibility tint.

When to get the enhancement tint lenses?

If you want to experiment with colored contacts and aren’t sure about which color suits you, try the enhancement tint lenses. This will help you ease into the idea of wearing colored contacts.

When to buy the opaque tint?

If you wish to wear colored prescription lenses, make sure it is a color that suits you. If the colored lenses are merely for special events, you can choose any color you like.

If you have light colored eyes, choose the enhancement tint as it will easily cover the natural color of your iris. If you have dark colored eyes, enhancement tint will not give you good results. You will have to choose the opaque tint for best results.

What to keep in mind when buying colored lenses?

Colored lenses may cost a little more than regular lenses. So, if you have an issue with your eyesight, factor in the cost that you will incur with monthly or weekly colored lenses.

Keep in mind that whether you wish to purchase contact lenses for merely cosmetic reasons, you still need to be fitted and take an eye exam before you can buy colored contacts. Although they are for aesthetics, they are still a medical device and must be treated as such. Remember that if you blink too much, your colored lenses may be displaced from the center giving it a less than natural look. This may also happen if you enter a brightly lit room causing your pupil to constrict. If the user wants to get the original glasses, then the user must search for a number of products and should spend more money. Sometimes it is difficult to find so user uses the fake product.

Colored lenses – enhancement or opaque – aren’t often monochromatic. They have slight undertones and designs to mimic the natural look of the iris. You can play and experiment with such lenses until you find the one that suits you the best.

If you’re in the market to buy colored lenses, consider Air optix colors contact lenses. They have vibrant colors and the lens is highly breathable that promotes healthy looking whites in the eyes. Air optix colors have a unique technology that blends with your natural eye color to give it a more natural look.

You may also want to look at Solotica lenses that have a whole line of colored contacts that appear natural. The Solotica lenses do not have a limbal ring which is often a tell-tale sign of someone wearing contacts. Therefore it’s extremely natural looking and opacity is high enough to cover the iris fully and to completely change the eye color.

Customized color contacts

If you aren’t happy with what’s readily available, you can always have lens manufacturers make a custom color for you. Obviously, the cost for such custom lenses will be far more but worth it. Custom lenses aren’t worn purely for cosmetic reasons either. Several sportsmen also use it to increase their performance.

The lenses are made to use anytime and the display is designed with advanced technology so that without removing the lens user can view the real time activities, they connect to social media by connecting with the GPs. The brand which is used to make these glasses will never make the user to feel bad.

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