Different Eye Shapes and How They Define Your Face and Personality

We often hear of the sayings that say that our eyes are the windows to our soul. In Chinese art of face reading, the eyes play an important role in revealing your personality. You are who you are and you are the way your eyes will tell.

But sometimes we can be misjudged especially if our eyes aren’t at its best. These eye’s aesthetic problems are always controllable and can be changed for the better. Most prevalent eye problems include the eyelid problems and the skin that surrounds the eyes. Of which the wrinkles are the main culprit. Some problems like this can be remedied by diet, exercise or cosmetic procedure such as Blepharoplasty.

Different Eye Types and How They Tell Your Personality

There seems to be a lot of articles already about this but then I decided to still write it. Why? Because these would be much direct to the point and in summary already. Pick your eye type and be informed. Though I don’t give my 100% percent that this will be accurate, sometimes other personality quirks can butt in and play another personality type. And this is just for fun. So here we go ladies:

Types of eye shapes
  1. Eyes Widely set. As seen by many, those women who have wide set eyes are seen to be as philosophical in nature. They tend to see limitless possibilities in life and can let go of the norm for an adventure. Wide set eyes mean wider perspective. Kim Kardashian has this eye type.

2. Eyes Closely Set. If you are in this category then you may be a person who is confident. You don’t like to depend on other people and you may tend to be stubborn at times. Jennifer Aniston has this eye type.

  1. Bulging Eyes. These types of eyes may look so sincere because they tend to never lose the eye contact. They tend to value friend and loves meeting new and interesting people. Nicole Richie has bulging eyes.
  2. Cat eyes (upward turning). Victoria Beckham or the Posh Spice has the cat’s eyes that turn upward. These women are confident and know what they want. They love challenges and were really optimistic.

Cat Eyes
  1. Deep Set Eyes. Many will say that those people with deep set eyes may tend to be secretive and are really private.

These sounded like your horoscope but as I said they are just for fun. Your eyes define who you are and it can be enhanced further to enhance your looks too. Imperfect eyes shouldn’t be a problem though. There is a solution to that. Make up can do the job of enhancing the eyes, if your wilds were your problem, there are creams over night. Or if wrinkles and fats had already taken to liking in your upper and lower eyelid, you can seek a surgeon and have an eyelid surgery.

Deep Set Eyes
Deep Set Eyes

I am an “eye” fan. I think it’s one of the most important parts of your face. SO have you got your eye shape? Did the description above fit your personality too? Click here for more info


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