Diet – Buzz Word! Choosing a Weight Loss Plan for a New You!

Weight Loss SurgeryIn the world of today diet had become a buzzword, indeed! Especially as obesity is the disease of our time and the media overwhelms us with perfect photos of how one should look. Then again we live in a very fast world too, not always time to eat the right food and then we start snacking, usually on fast foods as it is easy accessible. To choose the right weight loss plan for a new you, is not easy as we are bombarded by different diets and many times with “miracle diets” which will enable you to lose an almost impossible amount of weight in a short period!

Yes, and we all fell for some or other miracle diet, which are only fads and will do more harm than good! Especially at this time of year, after the festive season, when many of us are carrying more weight and we feel or let us rephrase, hope it’s our clothes which had shrunk! Well, actually there is no way to pass the one word most women and some men hate: the scale!

However, when it comes to choose the right eating plan for you, you have many options. If you can afford it, a dietician and a personal trainer will do the trick that is if you follow their orders! For others there is the wonder of the Internet to know which diet plan and exercising regime will be size-fit for you in more than one way! However, this is where the going gets tough, indeed. There are so many diet and exercise regimes available that it is no easy choice.

Top 5 Diets in the World

Actually there are 38 top diets in the world, with each one rated with a point out of five and for the purpose of this article we will only mention the first 5, which is scientifically proven.

  1. Dash diet comes in at number 1 (4.2 out-of 5)
  2. Mediterranean diet takes second place (4.1out-of 5)
  3. Mind diet is in third place (4 out-of 5)
  4. Flexitarian diet (tie) (3.9 out-of 5)
  5. Mayo clinic diet (tie) (3.9 out-of 5)

These scientifically proven diets are available at your fingertips! However, in the same phase we want to mention some of the Fad Diets, something that you should never try! Going on these types of diets will in the even short term, cause damage to your body and health and in the end you will gain all the weight you had lost plus a few more unwanted pounds!


Top 5 Fad Diets in the World

There are 14 of these types of diets, of which we will mention the top five

  1. Raw food diet is in first place
  2. Alkaline diets come in second
  3. Blood type diet manages third place
  4. Werewolf diet 4the place
  5. Cookie diets fill our 5thspot

Actually there is no alternative for the healthy diet, an eating regime which will be beneficial to improve or maintain your health while you are losing those unwanted pounds! Following a healthy diet will provide all the essential nutrients which your body needs: amino acids, fluid, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and of course adequate calories. You can never go wrong by eating enough vegetables and fruit and just a small tip of advice … don’t swap fresh fruit for the juice as it contains a lot of sugar.

Follow a regular exercise regime whilst eating healthy and you shall reap your rewards! Another tip is to do what you love, yes as exercise! Whether you love swimming, jogging, gym workouts, cycling or dancing, this will help you to stay in your exercise program and of course for everyone … never forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day!

Following this simple advice in choosing the perfect weight loss program for a new you and with no cheating … you can achieve that beach body you always longed for!

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  1. There are more than 100 diet and exercise regimes available that it is no easy choice. There are so many diet and exercise regimes available that it is no easy choice.

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