Beauty Treatments – A Great Choice for Christmas Gifts

Whilst most people look for makeup gifts at their local shopping centres, our local beauty salons are usually forgotten. Isn’t it better when someone else pays for one of your beauty treatments instead of buying you another lipstick or a mascara which does not even suit you? Isn’t it the best feeling knowing that your Christmas gift will get you feel and look better?

Here is a list of the best Christmas gift vouchers from your local beauty salon:

  • Massage

A massage can help our bodies get that highly needed rest and make all our muscles move. By living our daily lives, we forget how much tension sets on our shoulders and we could even feel slight pain when our shoulders are massaged. Once the tension is released, we feel lighter and taller, somehow massaged muscles make us stand up straight with no effort.

The list of massage benefits is long, but not everyone is aware of them. A deep tissue massage lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and decreases various body pains. If someone suffers from arthritis, chronic neck pain and lower pack pain, a massage could help to relieve that pain. And if there is a pregnant woman complaining about the swelling in her hands or feet, a massage would be such a great gift for her. A massage helps the blood circulate faster and reduces the swelling.

We often forget to treat ourselves to a massage as it does not feel like something that we need, however the benefits of it are unquestionable and it should be a regular treatment that we have for our bodies. So let’s take care of our loved ones and buy them a massage. After a gifted massage people will feel rested, happier and healthier.

  • Semi Permanent Makeup

Now that’s a number one if you want to give an original gift this Christmas. It may sound very risky to invite someone to get semi permanent makeup done on their face, but it is not so.

Most people wear makeup every day and you would help them to save time and money if they got semi permanent makeup done at a beauty salon. Permanent makeup eyebrows, semi permanent lip liner and semi permanent eyeliner look natural and last few years. If anyone wants ticker, fuller looking eyebrows or enhance their lip shape and colour, permanent eyebrow makeup is for them.

Permanent makeup eyebrows can look perfectly symmetrical and natural if they are done with a microblading technique. Microblading is a semi permanent makeup technique which creates hair stroke effect on the eyebrow area. It can make thin eyebrows look ticker, fair eyebrows can become darker, unevenly shaped eyebrows can become symmetrical eyebrows. This gift is a problem solver and many times better than an eyebrow pencil.

Permanent makeup technicians consult their clients before the procedure and test their skin to see if they are not allergic. In the scenario where a person is not able or decides not to proceed with a permanent makeup treatment, they can choose some other treatment for the gift voucher they have.

If there are makeup enthusiasts amongst your loved ones, get this gift for them to see their happy face on Christmas.

  • Hair Treatment

Getting your hair done at a hair salon may sound like a usual thing to you, but you would be surprised to find out how many people dye their colour at home to save money. So why not treat them to a hair makeover this Christmas? The gift voucher could be for a colour or a treatment to make hair stronger and healthier. Nobody would say no to that, would they?

There are many good quality hair treatments that could change how the hair look or feel completely. Beauty salons usually use professional products that we are not able to buy in a shop, so the results of a salon hair treatment will always be better than the hair treatment done at home, so such gift will be highly appreciated.

  • Nail Treatment

Most women get their nails done at a nail salon hence this may sound like a very simple present. But because we know that people do get their nails done at salons regularly, we can make it more exciting for them by getting them to a new salon for a new experience. There are many really cool looking salons where they even have a drinks bar inside, so your loved one could be entertained for the whole time drinking their favourite drinks and getting their new nail treatment done at the same time.

In January everybody tries to get over holiday blues after all December festivities are gone, so to have something new to look forward to is exciting. Getting yourself to look good for Christmas does not have to stop in December, allow your loved ones to continue it by giving them this gift voucher.

Whether you choose to get your family a hair or nails treatment, permanent makeup eyebrows or a massage, don’t forget to make sure the booking is done by them and not you, so they are available for the treatment. And so you don’t feel left out when they enjoy themselves with your original gifts, book a beauty treatment for yourself too.

If you have any questions, please ask below!