Bamboo Massage: Novelty in Body Massage Approach that Offers Improved Relaxation

beautiful-girl-gets-massageThe approach of massage therapy is considered to be an ancient healing method which has been mentioned in texts materials on medicine. These texts are over four thousand years old. In today's world, the concept has been modified and does not confine to just "rubbing" but includes the use techniques that apply pressure on the softer tissue and muscular structure. Also known as somatic therapy, the pressure can be movable or fixed, vibration, rocking, friction, compression and kneading mostly using the hands. The therapists may also use the elbow, forearm or feet for certain techniques. All the techniques focus on the various systems of the body which include the circulatory-lymphatic, nervous, musculoskeletal and other such systems. All in all, these therapies aim to provide a general health benefit.

The Benefits Offered by Massage:

Following profits both physical and mental are offered through all body massage approaches:

  • Administers relaxation to the body
  • Helps in loosening those muscles that have tightened with time
  • Offers relief to aching and tired muscles of the body
  • Plays a key role in increasing the motion range and flexibility
  • Works effectively to curtail pain that are chronic in nature
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Effectively controls heart rate and keeps it low
  • Affects the immune system in a positive way and makes it strong
  • Plays a key role in lowering the stress levels

Usefulness of Bamboo as a Plant:

The Bamboo plant is actually nothing but grass. The most useful part of the plant is the stem. This is the part that is silica covered and is supposed to release tension and facial adhesion. It is also supposed to help in rebalancing the electromagnetic field of the body.

Bamboo-Massage Technique and Effects:

Massage Replenishes the Body by Offering Rest
Massage Replenishes the Body by Offering Rest

Piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity are the two main electric effects that are generated through this technique. While piezoelectricity is present in the tissue's matrix, the tendons and bones of the body contain pyroelectricity. The body tends to get in to a sluggish state with the passage of time. The use of bamboo sticks simulates the tissues as the bamboo works to produce the above forms of energy in the body. Acupressure techniques and activation of pressure points are also used to remove the harmful toxins and to improve blood circulation in the body.

Gua sha is a Chines technique dates back to two thousand or more years and this approach include the use of round-edged tools which are composed of jade pieces, bone or stone on the skin's surface that promotes the "chi"(energy) flow. The bamboo pieces are assembled in the Gua sha technique (Chinese meaning of "Gua" is "to scrape" and "sha" is toxins). This technique includes cutaneous simulation and palpation in which pressures in strokes are applied to the various parts of the body (skin) to help in increasing the circulation of blood and removal of toxins.

At a time when therapists are looking for novelty in approaches for massage therapy, the concept of bamboo massage not only revives the ancient method but also contributes to the use of sustainable and renewable resources. If we take a closer we will find that use of such approaches produce results like versatility, strength and flexibility, without actually having to deplete the world around us.

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