A Guide to Fading Scars

ewfwefDo you have one or more scars on your body that you’d love to be able to fade and say goodbye to for good? Scars can be something that we find embarrassing, ugly, and just not something we want to look at, especially if it is in a highly visible area on our body. This is exactly why there are so many products, natural remedies, and medical procedures available that are aimed at fading scars.

However, artists might have a different point of view!

Dealing with Deep Scarring

If you happen to have deep scarring from either a traumatic event or severe acne, then you are probably looking for help from a professional clinic, such as the treatments available at amedical and aesthetic clinic. Some types of deep scars can be from a disease or a surgical procedure.

Sculptra treatment is becoming a very popular option for people suffering from these kinds of scars. In this treatment, Poly-L-lactic acid is used in injection form and is given over the course of a few months. Each time a treatment is performed, the person must wait four to six weeks for another injection. It works to smooth the skin and plump up the area that has the deep scar.

Laser Treatments

If you are looking for a way to fade a scar relatively fast and permanently, laser treatment can help. This works best on moderate scarring. It can also help with the discolouration that the scarring caused. Typically this treatment takes one to two visits before you see results, although obviously it depends on the size and depth of the scar.

Natural At-Home Remedies

The natural-at-home remedies shouldn’t be forgotten either, as these tend to work best on mild to moderate scarring. Lemon juice is a great product to start with. You need to use the juice from an actual fresh lemon, rather than the juice you buy in a container. Slice the lemon in half and then rub it on the scar. Over time this will start to fade any discolouration since lemon acts as mild bleach. You can also drink it twice a day for a span of two weeks.

Aloe Vera is another wonderful natural product that has healing capabilities when it comes to scarring. Just cut off a leaf from a fresh plant and rub it on the affected area. It has a gel-like texture and tends to feel cooling on the area.

Many people have wonderful results by using Vitamin E either straight out of a capsule or in a cream. You can rub the vitamin E onto the affected area twice a day. Keep in mind that this method can take a number of weeks before you start to see results, so you need to keep up with it and stay consistent.

Time and Patience Pay Off

No matter which treatment option you pick, time and patience are usually what is required when you are trying to fade scars. It’s not often that you’ll get instant results, so instead keep the end goal in mind and stay consistent.

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