A Comprehensive Guide to Body Contouring

Body contouring, also known as body sculpting describes a wide range of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures designed to improve a person’s appearance. From slimming your waistline to lifting your face, body contouring can revamp your look if you’re not happy with any of your body part. The surgeons or professionals who have a body contouring and slimming certificate conduct these procedures.

Body Contouring 101

In this blog-post we are going over some important things that you should know about body contouring and three common surgeries.

Reasons for Choosing Body Contouring

There are several reasons why people go through these procedures and they are:

    • Pregnancy can bring a lot of changes in a woman. From conceiving to delivering; a woman experiences a series of changes which make her skin loose. Due to the extreme changes, she also may see stretch marks which can lower her self-confidence. That’s where body contouring comes in.
    • A sudden weight loss can also trigger stretch marks and make skin loose. To tighten up the skin and remove stretch marks, body sculpting is the right choice.
    • Age is also another common reason. As you grow older, your skin loses its natural elasticity.

Eligibility Criteria

Not everyone is eligible for body sculpting. There are certain eligibility criteria which need to be fulfilled to get these plastic surgeries such as:

  • A healthy adult with no major medical conditions like diabetes, allergies, heart diseases, immune system disorders and circulatory system disorders.
  • Pregnant or nursing women are not eligible to undergo any plastic surgery.
  • If you have active implants such as a cochlear implant, diabetic pump, pacemaker or defibrillator, then you’re not eligible for body contouring.
  • You should be at the ideal body weight for your height and body type.
  • You should also have a healthy lifestyle, maintain a good diet and exercise regularly.
  • Smoking is strictly not allowed if you’re planning to opt for skin tightening procedures.

3 Common Surgical Body Contouring Procedures

  • Arm Lift

If the skin of your upper arm is showing signs of sagging due to major weight loss or age, then arm lift surgery is a suitable option. This procedure reshapes your arms, removes extra fat and tightens the loose skin.

  • Abdominoplasty

This is one of the widely used plastic surgeries that are undertaken by women who have stubborn belly fat or stretch marks. This is especially common among women having children or who have experienced extensive weight loss or gained weight which caused stretch marks. Abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin from the tummy area, tightens the muscles, flattens the abdomen and defines the waistline. But if you’re planning to get this done, then you have to take a month off from work. Also, you shouldn’t do any strenuous work for at least four to six weeks.

  • Buttock Enhancement

If you don’t have a good rear and want a firm or fuller one, then buttock augmentation is what you should be looking at. In this procedure, fat is removed from other areas of your body where it is not needed and then injected in your buttocks to make it look fuller. Sometimes, silicone implants are also considered for this procedure, but the result might not be satisfactory and can also lead to complications if another surgery is required in the future.

Other common surgical body contouring procedures are calf augmentation, face, neck, breast and body lift. There are also non-surgical body sculpting procedures if you want to avoid getting an operation. Some of the common types are low-level laser therapy, ultrasound and radiofrequency. The recovery time of these procedures is minimal, and you can resume work in a day or two.

In a nutshell, body contouring redefines your curves, removes excess fat and stretch marks and boosts your confidence. But the surgical procedures are lengthy and costly, unlike the non-surgical ones. Make sure you consult a surgeon who has obtained body contouring and slimming certificate from a reputed institution. This is because once the surgery is done and you don’t like the outcome, you will not only waste your money but also compromise on your physical appearance.

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