Ancient Truths Reveal Means of Immunity and Vibrant Mental Health

The international is trying desperately at present to counter the unfold of coronavirus – the invasion and unfold of foreign antigens into the frame machine from the out of doors world. And to this cease, first-rate breakthroughs have certainly been carried out scientifically, specially in producing a COVID vaccine.

The terrific reality is, even though, there already exists within every people, impressive immune boosting schools which are one hundred% effective, absolutely safe for all age groups and to be had free of charge.

Therefore, like the honey bee running for the hive, we need to be greater proactive in amassing more of this freely available health Nectar from within — a Nectar formulated especially via Nature to shield our own body-hive and mental balance.

In tangent with WHO guidelines, this article affords historical know-how on how this herbal means of fortifying the body’s ordinary immunity and mental health, can be attained. How safety from a disease-attracting cognizance may be established and maintained. A parallel manner of resolving the pandemic holistically

Need of Decoding Aged Texts

To present this historical way, of countering coronavirus and intellectual fitness, it’s vital to decode some aged texts: texts which inform of the immunity-supplying Nectar, now not best for coronavirus however tons more, as we will see.

In simple language, then, with regard to this modern-day pandemic, let us establish in thoughts just what the 2 following health-providing scriptures are regarding.

While no longer referring directly to coronavirus, Genesis 12-1 is virtually regarding the stunning Nectar Place where all our preventative Honey may be harnessed and saved for fitness assimilation. How common health protection can be ours by using a easy application of thoughts.

Milk and Honey

Genesis 12-1 NIV states: “The LORD stated unto Abram: move out of your united states, your human beings and your father’s household to the land I will display you”.

Genesis 12-7 ESV states: “To your offspring I will deliver this land”.

Genesis is regarding coming upon the ‘milk and honey on the opposite aspect’ – the Promised Land – a renascence of cognizance with a purpose to display new requirements of bodily health, mental upkeep and cognizance, while also lowering the cell getting older procedure.

Let us demystify what precisely ‘Promised Land’ approach. Let us discover simply in which precisely this Promised Land school is, and, more importantly, how we are able to each get there almost and certainly.

When those scriptures are studied from the non-literal angle, amazingly we come across the innately gift manner of halting the invasion and unfold of coronavirus non-pharmaceutically.

To this quit, the ‘Jews’ in Genesis 12 had been commanded to occupy a metaphorical land, a land which lies inside each folks. In other phrases, the biblical scribe is informing us to make aware touch with a Perfect Nectar, which, for some, can remain unconscious and veiled via closed minds and non secular lack of knowledge.

Offspring — A Renascence of Consciousness

Abram’s ‘offspring’ represent the manifestations of a transformed consciousness consequent of getting into our personal awareness: sprouting-region of the Christ Seed. Spiritual ‘Offspring’ accordingly is consequent of internal awakening, offspring to encompass usual intellectual/physical health and viral protection.

Abraham, appeared here as the father of religion, method that we must every ‘father’ our own spiritual fitness-religion through renascence of attention: mind understanding its personal latent creative fitness colleges.

Prior to transformational awakening, Abram – symbolism for you/me — was Pagan, that means non-Jewish, or, heathen. In different phrases, an outward materially focussed soul in preference to inwardly – a Jew.

Once embarked upon a day by day meditation application, we each qualify as biblical ‘Jew’.

Abram to Abraham

We’re reminded in Genesis, that Abram’s name become changed to Abraham. In phrases of renascence of recognition, this name exchange is substantial, for, the term-phrase ‘Name’ biblically translates Nature. In other words, our attention turns into re-Named, re-Natured unto cosmic preferred.

Similar to the most sacred of mantra sounds, A-U-M, this re-Named reputation, of Abram becoming Abraham, incorporates 3 vibrational syllables: AB-RA-HAM, signifying Abram becoming vibrational Ab-Ra-Ham in cognizance via meditational transcendence thru a mantra.

Regards coronavirus, re-naming quantities to rejuvenation of a disorder-attracting focus to preventative fashionable — an optimally functioning immune system. At this level of attention, the entire fearful device and brain / body structure feature in Higher Cosmic Harmony. The body-gadget is now generating white blood cells, securing an abundance of antibodies, Lymphocytes or immune cells, the warriors defending towards foreign antigen attack.

Perfect Health — our Intended nature

Similar to metaphorical Abram being selected with the aid of God, we too are already selected from birth. We’re every internal designed to supply divine fashionable, create fitness-inducing cells and longevity into the frame temple. Awaken the manner whereby the thoughts-frame characteristic synergistically to nourish and heal every other, heal our thoughts, create mobile immunity and intellectual properly-being.

Perfect fitness is our meant nature. Any fashionable under this degree can once in a while be of our very own making via lack of information and misunderstand of how our thoughts and mind operate beneath the regulation of reason and impact.

Endocrine device

The colleges for achieving best health — divine Will – are via a healthily functioning endocrine device — the energy or chakra centres via which standard restoration electricity tour. And while the common Life-Force is already ideal, in the end, personally, it’s we who select to evoke the endocrine machine complete blast, awaken unto our non secular heart and thoughts.

Consequent of generational lack of awareness, perpetuated by using each day soul-destroying tension conditioning, those strength centres are veiled and closed first of all at birth.

The difference among a non-spiritually woke up endocrine gadget — that means spiritually asleep — is the distinction among Mains and battery – one, exhaustible and imperfect, the alternative Inexhaustible, everlasting, and Perfect.

So, wherein precisely is that this mind-blowing Promised Land which Abram and the Jews — the inward seekers — had been commanded to occupy? – ‘command’ that means ‘divine instinct or cosmic prompt’ and ‘occupy’ that means, establish in cognizance.

Pineal Gland and Kundalini

Journeying to the legendary Promised Land to begin with is thru the pineal gland positioned among the eyebrows in the center of the brain. When the eyes are closed in meditation, they robotically converge at this factor. From right here — on repeated daily recitation of our vibrational mantra — the pineal triggers the bottom chakra main to kundalini awakening for its upward non secular journey to the brain, which upward adventure, like sap growing up the tree trunk, in flip leads to awakening of the entire endocrine system.

Here we should study, that, the tree’s root itself does not contain or produce the sap. Rather, when nourished, the root draws sap from outdoor itself and merely distributes this important increase energy to the whole tree. Such is what occurs in meditation: the thoughts draws transformative Life electricity into itself from Eternal Being, and distributes this electricity at some stage in the whole body through the employer of kundalini cosmic power.

Unnatural Stress Accumulation

With stress chargeable for nearly ninety% of all ill-health, therefore kundalini hobby within the frame is crucial in dissolving harmful strain accumulation, both mental and physical, thereby lowering or casting off proliferation of underlying health conditions at this pertinent coronavirus time.

Practically speaking, for that reason, immunity is carried on by way of the body’s ability to provide white blood cells known as antibodies or T-cells, launched inside the thymus gland on adulthood. These mature cells are then stored inside the frame, geared up to guard the entire body structure against overseas antigen assault, consisting of coronavirus, must the need get up.

Meditation guarantees adequate deliver of these essential physiology-retaining Lymphocytes or immune cells, plus adolescents-maintaining Growth Hormones.

Abram Sacrificing Animals?

The animal sacrifices which Abram turned into known as upon to make are within the brain -the Alter –and ere NOT actual animals. ‘Animals’ in scripture symbolize the own decrease ego, or carnal goals, the accumulation of embedded non-soul, non-fitness serving karmic styles.

Because they weaken the immune system, It’s those lower-ego strain-stuffed idea styles which might be sacrificed in meditation. They grow to be included on the Alter of internal Silence, crucifixion approach of decrease-ego.

To qualify this factor extra solidly, allow us to compare what Jesus stated regards decrease-ego:

“Where I pass you can not pass, however I pass earlier than you to put together an area for you” John thirteen-33 and 14-three.

Meaning, for the duration of transcendence in meditation, higher ‘I’ nature purifies or neutralizes all unwitting transgression including decrease karmic patterns, as a consequence getting ready the focus for expression of divine preferred, both within and without – also termed Forgiveness or Grace. These carnal mind-units cannot enter the Promised Land, the Kingdom of Heaven, hence the need of their integration through meditation.

What does ‘deep sleep’ and ‘fantastic darkness’ suggest?

As we recognize, the sun sets within the west. Biblically this is symbolism for the left analytical mind closing down. And a “deep sleep fell upon Abram. ‘Sleep’ in scripture translates ‘trance’ – meditational trance. Thus, sundown is needed to make manner for dawn, that means, making way for mild – divine intelligence — coming from the east or, coming into via right-facet mind – the spiritual side, the ‘Milk and Honey’ side. ‘Darkness’ is fine interpreted as deep internal peace, utter silence; the mental silence, or sundown, which precedes the sunrise of spiritual mild within the east – the proper-aspect mind.

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