Everyday Items to Ditch Right Now to Move towards Better Health

Handstand in the ocean at sunsetSo, are you a health freak and pay too much attention to your health? Well, did you know that certain items you come in contact with daily can affect your health and some of them can be really dangerous too?

Yes, it is not only about eating right, exercising and meditating. Your health can be impacted by everyday items too. Read on to find out what are those items and how you can get rid of them.

1. Plastic containers and bottles
Well, this is a no-brainer. Plastic bottles and food containers have chemicals like bisphenol-A and phthalates which are harmful to your endocrine system. The endocrine system regulates your growth, development and can even impact your mood. Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals regularly can lead to issues like hypertension and breast cancer among many others.

So as a first step, throw away these plastic containers and use glass bottles and containers in their place.

2. Soaps and detergents
Are you too much bothered about cleanliness, and to cope up, do you tend to wash your hands with soap every now and then? Well, this can be harmful too! It might lead to the development of drug-resistant bacteria in the body. Antibacterial compounds like triclosan are also found to affect health, especially of children. Triclosan is also found in other products like acne cream, toys, and certain toothpaste.

As per the experts, it is highly recommended to use a mild soap and warm water to get rid of the germs. Further, you should also avoid using the disinfectants for cleaning purposes and replace it with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Put these into spray bottles and use whenever necessary.

3. Tobacco

Smoking might thrill you, but are you even aware how much tobacco do you consume when you smoke a single cigarette? One cigarette can reduce your life by 11 minutes. We are sure; you won’t need another reason to quit smoking right away. The harm done by smoking cannot be undone. Therefore, it is highly recommended to look for other substitutes to beat the urge and kick the habit.

You can take help of many alternatives and therapies that are available in the market today. For instance, Vaping is now gaining popularity as a new smoking style. It not only helps you by restricting your nicotine intake but can ultimately, also help you in quitting smoking. Moreover, several nicotine therapies and nicotine gums are also available in the market. Choose the one you find the most suitable and stop smoking right away.

4. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame enable your body to store fat, thereby increasing the risk of diabetes, and might even promote obesity and heart attacks. Further, they also disrupt the natural metabolism of the body. Thus, it is highly recommended to avoid using artificial sweeteners and stay away from processed beverages like diet sodas which contain these sweeteners in ample amount.

5. Your chair

Yes, your chair can be harmful too! Sitting for a long time is found to increase the risk of certain diseases and can even lead to loss of life at an early age. A regular exercise routine cannot undo the damages caused by this. Many believe that prolonged sitting is the new smoking which could increase the risk of lung cancer. So, if you have a job that requires you to sit for long hours, you must make a habit of taking breaks in between and walking around for a few minutes.

6. Personal care products

You should be highly cautious while using personal care products as they might behave as an easy gateway for the toxins that might enter your body through the skin. Makeup products are generally high in heavy metals which can make you prone to diseases. To put an end to this, you should switch to organic cosmetics and toiletries which are free of chemicals and hence good for the body. Another alternative is to make use of homemade products.

7. Non-stick cookware

Yes, even kitchen items that we use daily can be dangerous. Non-stick cookware is one of them. The non-stick coating in the pans contains a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid which is believed to be a carcinogen. It gets its non-stick properties from fluoride. Once the pan is heated, the fluoride vaporizes into the air and causes health problems to people around. It is highly recommended to replace these pans and pots with pans made up of glass or ceramic.

8. Air fresheners

Room fresheners contain 2, 5-dichlorophenol (2, 5-DCP) which can be a cause for many health issues including early puberty in children. Phthalates which are harmful to the endocrine system are also found in some air fresheners. If you feel unpleasant smell at home, find out the reason behind it and eliminate it rather than using room fresheners. Further, you should keep the doors and windows open to promote fresh air. You can also use essential oils to make your rooms scented. These oils are also good at promoting wellbeing.

9. Stale spices

Cooking spices and herbs are found to have large amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that improve the nutrient density of the food you eat. If you compare herbs with fruits and veggies, the former provides better antioxidant activity. Some of them like cloves, rosemary, and ginger are even found to have medicinal properties. But, stale spices are not recommended to be included in your food.

10. Electronic devices

Computers and smartphones top the list of electronic gadgets that should be kept away when not in use. This is because of the radiations emitted from them, which might be a cause of various deadly issues. Research shows that mobile phones could actually cause cancer, mainly the one that affects the brain. You can reduce the risk by not keeping the phones near your body. When the phone is on, it emits radiation continuously. So, better avoid putting them in your pockets or try switching it off when not in use.

Your Turn

You might be surprised to see how everyday items that are used without any second thoughts can have an adverse effect on our health. Undoubtedly, they might act as our life-savior at the first glance, however, if used improperly, they might also pose a big threat to our lives. It is thus highly recommended to restrict their use as soon as possible.

You can choose your diet carefully by going for organic produce and make your own cosmetic and cleaning products from natural substances. Another important step would be to limit your gadget’s use, and use them only when in dire need.

What are your views on this? How do you plan to cope up? Do let us know in the comments.

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