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Tutorial: How to Take a Great Selfie

man-selfieArt forms like photography are always transforming. They are never the same for a long time. And the most wonderful thing is that new forms of this art form keep on emerging at regular intervals. They make the art of photography complete and add fun to it.

One of the most amazing additions to the art of photography in recent times has been the selfie. As the name suggests, this is a photograph where you won't have any other person to click it for you. You will be the photographer as well as the subject of the image. This culture of selfie is here to stay. Very much a product of the modern age, selfies are primarily clicked using the cellphones. But it's no use clicking a selfie that's not good enough. If you click a picture where you are not in focus, you might find it go hazy. So, you should better master the tricks to click a great selfie.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-tkeARCL8E]

Here are a few tips that might help you click an amazing selfie.

Click from the Best Angle

Clicking selfies with the cellphone camera straight to your face is never going to bring that special touch in the photo. Angles make any picture amazing. And the selfies are no difference. Remember this while clicking a picture of yourself.

Explore a few angles for clicking your selfie before you decide the right one. Ensure that you appear better from that angle. Make yourself look slimmer, younger and more beautiful with a click from the perfect angle.

Take a few shots by changing the camera position every time. Select the one where you appear the best.

Click in the Best Lighting

It is quite common for people not to pay proper attention to the details of photography while clicking pictures with cellphones. If you are planning to do just that while clicking your selfie, you are surely wrong.

You need to pay proper attention to the lighting. Lights can make or mar a photograph. So, you need to keep an eye on the lights while clicking the selfie as well. Click when the light is optimum. Here are a few things you might do:

  • Use natural lights for the selfie.
  • You can click it near the windows.
  • Face the light source.
  • Try to avoid clicking the selfie with the built-in flash.
  • Never click in darkness

A great source of light can be excellent for any picture. It holds true for selfies as well. So, find the best form of lighting to make your selfie amazing.

Strike a Good Pose

Striking a good pose is as important as the lighting. Missing out on this will also have a negative effect on the picture. So, try to strike an amazing pose, which can be perfect for clicking a good selfie. For a selfie, it is always better to click from a higher angle. It makes you look better. So, hold the camera above the level of your head.

It is better to avoid the low angle shot, as it won't make you appear beautiful. Tilting the head a bit while clicking the selfie can help you appear much better in the picture.

Make Use of the Filters of Your Phone

Ordinary color images are not always up to the mark. Add something creative to it. You can put the image filters of your phone on. Play with the colors. You can change your selfie to black and white or sepia tone. Switching on the warm or cool looks through the temperature option of the photo filter can change the appearance of the whole picture.

You can also try out the other options available in the phone as well. They can help to make your selfie more creative. And that's what people love to see in all kinds of pictures, including selfies.

Add Something Out of the Box

Selfies are not for dull and drab photography. It's all about fun. And you need to be creative to make a perfect selfie. Don't just stand or sit and click your selfie. Do something out of the box. Give some special expression that you don't use quite often. It's not going to be the same as any other photo. A selfie should be almost synonymous with fun and creativity.

Find the Best Background for Your Selfie

Where are you planning to click your selfie? What's behind you? Most of the photographers pay proper attention to the background while clicking a picture. So, why not for a selfie?

Clicking your selfie in front of a garbage pile or in your washroom makes absolutely no sense. You need to think more prudently. Select a perfect background for your image. So, wait till you find that background - may be an amazing garden, a cherry garden in blossom, a tulip garden, and so on.

Following these simple tips can help you click a selfie that's amazing and fun to look at.

If you have any questions, please ask below!