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Best Photography Composition Rules and Tips

Photography CompositionPhotography is not always about following the rules. Sometimes you may have to look beyond the ordinary and think out of the box in order to add creativity and appeal to the photos. While photography is all about seeking and capturing the extraordinary in the mundane, a few tried and tested techniques can make the photos stand out.

Several key ingredients should come together in order to make a photograph great. One of these components is the composition of the photograph. Let’s take a look at some of the rules and tips for composing a stunning photograph.

Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is one of the most popular composition techniques that can make your photographs exquisite. This can be achieved by dividing the image in the viewfinder into three equal sections and placing the subject of the image at one of the intersections or on any one of the divisions.

The visual grid helps in making the image interesting. This is because the human eye is more interested in the pictures that are composed according to the Rule of Thirds. This is applicable when you are photographing landscapes. You can consider placing the horizon on one of the lines of the grid to make it look appealing.

If your image has multiple subjects, you can consider placing each on the intersections.


Symmetry is one of the commonly used rules of photograph composition. Symmetry is quite pleasing to look at and, therefore, many use it to define their photos. It also introduces a focal point to the scene. Identify an interesting subject and divide it into two equal halves and capture the image accordingly.

There are various patterns around you both, man-made and natural. Look for strong lines, curves and other patterns that are symmetrical. Keep in mind that the more beautiful the image is, the more appealing it will look. If you find symmetry in the scene you are planning to photograph, you can attempt to reinforce it in the image.

You can consider breaking the symmetry by placing an object on one of the halves of the image.

Leave Space

While filling up the frame may seem to be a great idea to capture the attention of the viewer, sometimes it is wise to leave some breathing room in the image. This provides a certain amount of visual freedom to the subject. A little bit of background helps in adding context to the image. Leaving enough space in the photograph helps in defining the subject. This can help in making your photograph look striking.

Tell a Story

Have you ever thought what makes a photograph more interesting? It is the story that elevates the appeal behind a photograph. For this, you would need to focus on the subject first and then consider including elements in the photo in a way that adds to the subject. Keep in mind that the photograph will be interpreted in the way you showcase it. Therefore, you would need to make it interesting.

Crop Appropriately

How you crop the image is an important factor that can lend an appealing touch to the composition of your photo. Cropping helps in eliminating the background noise from a photo, thus enabling the viewer to focus on the subject only. That being said, cropping tightly around the subject isn’t wise.

If you are planning to crop the photo, you should do it with care. This helps in making the most of the image.


Including natural frames in the image can be quite interesting. Trees, holes etc. can make perfect frames for the subject in your photograph. Sometimes, doorways can make interesting frames as well. By placing the frame around the subject, you can isolate it from the rest of the picture. This helps in drawing the eye to the point of interest in the photo.

Keep in mind that the frame does not necessarily have to be on all four sides of the subject. Composing the image in a way that allows the placement of the frame on two or three sides of the subjects can also produce captivating outcomes.

Brushing up your photography skills is a key ingredient in perfecting your composition. Basics like how to use a DSLR camera, a tripod, how to change the settings for the best outcomes are crucial to taking a good photograph. A reputed photography center can help you acquire these skills easily.

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