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7 Common Types of Photography

camera-15711_1280Photographs always deliver a message in the form of art. It captures the best moments of life and treasures them for future days. It also adds beauty to the mundane through its techniques and methods. A well-clicked photograph requires right angle, correct lightning and proper lens. For different photos, different methods are to be applied. The lens need to be changed accordingly and detailing must be noted down with proper care. Each photograph varies from the other, depending on the occasion for which it has been clicked. A man with a passion for photography must be aware of the different types of photography even if he plans to take up a career in any one of them. Here are the 7 basic types of photography one might be interested to know about.

1. Fashion Photography

This is the most sought after career in the field of photography. One of the reasons is that it is a highly paid job, plus it becomes a gateway to the glamour world. Fashion photography is also about creating dreamy, romantic images, tinting them with pre-Raphaelite touches. The ones who excel in this are hired to create portfolios for both budding as well as experienced models. It requires someone who can bring out the best in the models, even when they are shy. Right combination of faith, lightning and imaginative skills can help both the model and the photographer to reach their goals.

2. Nature Photography

"What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?" The poet was right when he said his readers to bring out some time to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Nature is one of the most wonderful creations of God. And when you have a camera in your hand, why not capture the essence of it? Nature not only means trees and plants but also landscapes, hills, waterfalls and sunrise. Anything that is present outside your house falls under this category. Of course you can also click from the windows of your room!

3. Wildlife Photography

Love for animals can lead you to take up wildlife photography. This is perhaps the most challenging of all, for it requires a lot of patience and good field expertise. Correct angle and proper sense of timing are also very important to capture a moving group of elephants or deer. If you are interested in their life styles and habitat, you will know how and when to get the best of their photos. Observation and concentration are two keywords to excel in this form of photography.

4. Wedding Photography

Wedding is the most special event in the life of two persons. To frame an event, as big as this requires lots of technical ideas and skills. Different people will have different demands and a good photographer tries to fulfil all of them. They need to know which light to use and when, how bright it should be and when to click the special, intimate moments of the couple.

5. Black & White

Some photos are just meant to be clicked in black and white mode. While a coloured photo brightens the quality of an image, a black and white brings out the raw beauty of subjects. They are the real, classic ones! One must be an expert in adjusting the contrasts and shadows to give a realistic and beautiful look.

6. Travel Photography

Travelling is an amazing hobby! And along with it, if you can manage some cool photographs, it's so much the better. If you love to travel, make sure you carry a camera with you. You must have an eye for the detail, especially when you are shooting the various rituals, cultures or the country traditions.

7. Street Photography

Sometimes you don't have to go to remote areas for clicking photos. Just walk around your local streets. Yes, they may be mundane but that's what makes them artistic. You'll be amazed to find so many types of emotions on the multiple faces. Every face has a story to tell. Every corner spins new tales. You just need to have the right eye to click them. The light is not a factor in street photography. You should be able to do it well in the sunlight. Shadows will further add a unique touch to your images.

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