Style Jr. – A 2017 Guide to Children’s Fashion

image0181-1024x717There’s something super special about children’s fashion.

Whether we choose to dress our children in adorable colours and prints that we couldn’t pull off ourselves, or in miniature replicas of our favourite styles, it’s always useful to know what items or styles are currently ‘on trend’. We often find it easier to express our children’s unique personality through the way we choose to dress them and often tend to experiment more with different styles of clothing.

So if you’re currently looking for information on what’s hot and what’s not in terms of children’s fashion this year then read on. Below are our favourite children’s fashion trends that we expect to see throughout 2017.

Feminine Florals

Clothing and accessories with girly, floral prints and lots of lace are heavily featured in girl’s fashion throughout 2017. Timeless styles that are adorned with delicate lace and intricate appliqué, such as the dresses available from Red Hill Couture, are a must for those looking to get behind this popular trend. Choose ultra-feminine pieces in pretty pastel shades for spring and summer and look out for graphic pieces with detailed botanical prints during the colder months.

Navajo Prints

Beautiful bohemian prints will be a key trend in children’s clothing and footwear during 2017. Think bright colours, fringing, beading, heavy embroidery and pompoms. Ensure your little ones are festival ready with bold graphic prints in all the colours of the rainbow.

For a more subtle adaption of this trend look out for details such as leather stitching and finer embellishments on denim jackets and jeans. Knitted ponchos and faux fur help this trend transition into the colder months.

The Distressed Look

This trend was a huge part of men’s and women’s fashion during 2016.

Therefore it’s no surprise that the distressed look will extend into children’s wear this year. Think acid washed denim pieces that are slashed, shredded and frayed. Team casual distressed denim jeans and jackets with checkered shirts and a plain tee for a comfortable, edgy look that even the older fashionistas would be proud of.

Oxford for Kids

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are the perfect fashion icons when it comes to children’s wear. Due to the newest and cutest additions to the royal family being in the public eye recently, there has been a clear rise in the popularity of more formal children’s wear pieces, particularly in boy’s fashion.

Choose items such as pinafore style dresses, oxford shoes and shirts paired with cashmere sweaters. This trend can be made more wearable with the additional of a casual pair of sneakers. But quite frankly, who doesn’t think that waistcoats become cuter the smaller they get?


The final trends is a completely different look entirely.

Casual sportswear and pieces that are inspired by street style are going to be all the rage in children’s wear this year. American style sports jackets that feature bright colours and graphic logos make the perfect statement item to add to your children’s wardrobes.

Accessories such as baseball caps and trainers will also feature heavily.

For a chic take on the sportswear trend choose monochrome pieces with gold and silver details to give a luxe feel.

There’s no doubt that 2017 is set to be a great year in the world of children’s fashion. Although the trends that are listed above are quite varied, we feel that there is something to suit each and every little person you have to buy for.

Some trends, such as the feminine floral pieces can be juxtaposed with basic, staple items in order to make them more suitable for everyday wear. Each of the key trends explained can also be worn all year round and are suitable for children of all ages.

If you have any questions, please ask below!