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Common Jewelry Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Jewelry PhotographyJewelry photography can be quite challenging. The good news is, it can be equally rewarding if done right. Stellar jewelry photographs are crucial for building business. It is one of the ways for all reputable jewelry businesses to showcase their products.

Since these images are representations of the actual products, the pictures need to be clear, appealing and should be able to show the minute details of the products. A lot relies on the images since customers will make their purchasing decisions based on these.

That being said, there is a host of areas to go wrong with while photographing jewelry. Let’s take a look at the common pitfalls that can end up ruining the photos.


A number of things can go immensely wrong with lighting. Harsh lights can be detrimental to the quality of the image. An intense flash may over-expose the image, thus making it too flashy. On the contrary, low natural light may make the images unattractive and dull. You should definitely avoid an inconsistency in lighting in order to take professional photographs of the products.

Natural light, in the right amount, can work wonders while shooting jewelry. This gives the stones of the jewelry a prominent appearance. That being said, while shooting metallic jewelry, you can consider using a double overhead light to eliminate the reflections.

White balance is an essential part of your jewelry photography. The jewelry will reflect the color of the light you are shooting it in. With the right white balance, the end-result can be quite good.


The primary purpose of photographing jewelry is to showcase its appeal and its intricacies that can attract buyers. However, this is where many jewelry photographers go wrong. They tend to load up the background with unnecessary additions and props. Sometimes, the background is also perceived as an opportunity to showcase other products. This is a major mistake.

Making the background busy with other elements will only take the focus away from the piece of jewelry you are trying to photograph. Keep the background clean and simple. A white or a light gray background are quite popular for photographing jewelry. While a light colored background is preferred, a black background can also be quite attractive depending on the product and light conditions.

Keep in mind that you should pick a style for a certain product and stick to it while capturing it from different angles. Also, avoid using props since these tend to distract the buyer.


If you plan on hand-holding your camera, the result could be detrimental to the final image. You do not want to end up with shaky images that are out of focus. It would ruin the entire purpose of jewelry photography. Using a sturdy tripod for this purpose would be the right thing to do.

It goes without saying that it is essential to keep your product in focus. It is quite common to come across photographs of jewelry with parts of it out of focus. That makes the photograph unattractive. Keep in mind that buyers want to see every detail of the product. Therefore, the entire product should be in focus. Keep the aperture above f/11 and the ISO settings as low as possible.


Dusty products will create unnecessary reflections. In addition to that, digital SLR cameras are adept at capturing the tiniest of details. As a result, these cameras will highlight the dust particles, thus making the products look undesirable.

Before photographing jewelry, ensure that the products are thoroughly cleaned. Get rid of the dust particles, smudges and fingerprints. Wear gloves and use a brush to clean the products.


While photographing jewelry, it is important to make it look as amazing as possible. Therefore, it is wise to take the photograph from various angles in order to capture the appeal of the product. Show the product in the best light and experiment with the angles. Whichever angle you choose, ensure that it catches the light well and makes the jewelry look dazzling.

These tips will help you make the most of your jewelry photography sessions. That being said, it is absolutely essential to hone the basic skills in order to be exceptional at photographing jewelry. For this, you can consider enrolling in a photography class to refine them.

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