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Ways to Make Money With Your Smart Phone

make-money-with-smartphoneHaving a Smartphone is a must these days. You can barely pass by a person without noticing him/her sliding through the smart screen of the gadget. What does that mean then? It means that this gadget is taking the world by storm and we need to explore what it has to offer for us. Furthermore, as the demand for flexibility and customization continues to rise, exploring options such as plug unlocked phones becomes essential allowing users to switch carriers at will to adapt to their evolving needs and preferences seamlessly. Instead of simply using the device for making calls, texting and visiting social websites, there are other brilliant ways on how we can apply it to earn money.

1. Old is Gold

Every day, new gadgets are being unleashed and as lovers of innovation, we tend to raise our current phones. What happens to the one we previously had? Instead of leaving your initial Smartphone to sleep on the table, it is about time you should consider reselling it. There are eCommerce sites that facilitate the selling of second hand devices and that is the ultimate place to go to.

2. There is Money in Blogging

A Smartphone is a device that can permit you to fully manage your web log. If you have a blog site that you keep updating daily with new information, state-of-the-art O.S in these phones is fully capable of supporting blog administration. The gadget also allows you to write new articles from scratch using its intuitive smart keyboard thereafter you can upload it to your blog.

3. Mails and Text Messages Pay

There exist multiple advertising companies that can send you mails on request and by reading them you earn bonuses or cash.

4. Video Blogging

This is somehow different from common blogging as video interaction has been incorporated here. This means adding new videos to a site. Using its camera, you can instantly add new video that can then be uploaded and earn. For example, you can record a video that can go viral and that will earn you a fortune. Using YouTube, you can then upload that video too and add features such as Google Ad sense to that video which pays too.

5. Sharing Photos

With its HD quality picture capability, this phone can take a clear snapshot that can go viral too. There exist sites that can pay you if you upload new non-copyrighted photos to their servers. Why don’t you try that?

6. Files Uploading

You can upload large files that may not be supported by mail providers like Gmail. For example, you cannot share and executable file like abc.exe through gmail. You can use this restriction as a breakthrough. There are cloud servers that support this sharing. You can use your phone to upload this file and provide others a link to the file and at a fee. The site too can pay you if you do uploading and downloading via them.

7.Website Design

Smartphone is capable of supporting mobile site development. One can easily learn skills by doing and make some cash. For examples, you can build advertising sites for your employer or business and earn.

8. Get Paid To Watch

Viggle is an example of an online TV service that pays you if you watch their programs.

9. Take Surveys

There are advertisement companies that are looking for anonymous people to participate in their surveys. You will always get paid for every survey you require e.g.

10. Ghost writer

A Smartphone can support freelancing. For example, one can perform the transcription task via a Smartphone. You can download a video interview from specific sites where you can then transcribe it and send it back to the owner who can then pay you.

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