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9 Aviation Based Business Ideas to Consider

Despite the global economic and political unrest, the aviation industry its related businesses continue to thrive. Other negative factors such as increased terrorism, high insurance costs and a growing preference for private jet flights are a constant threat to the industry yet aviation stakeholders continue to find new ways to fly.

Here are five promising aviation based businesses that could play a major role in the survival and success of the aviation business:

Aircraft Parts Sourcing

Aircraft are used every day. They travel long distances and stay in the air for hours on end. Safety dictates that the useful life of aircraft parts should be limited to a certain number of hours and when this limit is reached, the particular part should be replaced with a new one regardless of its present condition. This can create a huge demand for parts and open doors for business opportunities to aircraft parts suppliers.

It is important for aircraft parts suppliers to be equipped with comprehensive solutions to effectively manage procurement of spares. They should work closely with aircraft and airline operators in order to know and be able to match their flight requirements. An aircraft parts supplier should maintain an inventory of new, overhauled or repaired items and make them ready for shipment to anywhere, anytime.

Aircraft Repair Management

Aviation is a highly regulated industry. Aircraft crashes are fatal with poor maintenance practices as one of the most common causes. In an effort to leave nothing to chance, authorities in the aviation industry make routine checking and aircraft maintenance a mandate to aircraft owners and operators.

A good provider of aircraft repair management service must be armed with appropriate technical skills and experience to ensure quality repairs on or before pre-determined deadlines.

Consignment Sale

This business is enticing to suppliers that maintain surplus inventory or an inventory of hard-to-find aircraft parts. Consignment is very helpful to operators of the older generation and obsolete aircraft that are still in use in another location.

Aircraft Leasing

This business is for a company that is willing to offer flexibility and seasonal or short-term need for an aircraft. Aside from aircraft leasing, this company may also be able to offer leasing of major aircraft components like engines, landing gear, and auxiliary power units.

Consulting Service

This business is not a capital intensive but it requires a extensive knowledge and a great deal of experience in a specific area of specialization in a airline operation. Most consultants are former executives and thought leaders in the aviation industry. Great business opportunities await those who have what it takes to offer consulting services in the aviation industry.

Aircraft Maintenance Service

Proper maintenance is not just an ordinary requirement in the business; it is a mandate that emanates from aviation authorities all over the world. It is the best and only way to ensureaviation safety and avoid accidents due to electronic and mechanical failures. Like the provider of consulting service, a technical support provider should have the experience and specialized skills to carry out major maintenance, modifications and technical services.

Aviation Fueling Service

This business is as old as the aviation industry. It will always have a market for as long as the industry exists. The business serves both commercial and private airline and aircraft operators. It is a promising venture because it satisfies a primary requirement of aircraft operators. It is a promising venture to smart entrepreneurs who have enough startup capital and connections to the existing market.

Aircraft Wash Service

Like cars, aircraft need regular washing in order to look clean and shiny. Customers love clean aircraft, and no one wants to board a plane that stinks. Cleanliness is an integral part of the aviation business. It is the primary reason why aircraft operators want their airplanes to be washed on a regular basis.

Airline marketing

Airline marketing is for enterprising people who have the knack for selling products or services. It requires little capitalization but it can promise great rewards especially if you can connect to an airline operator who pay huge commissions for every new customer you refer to them. If you are able to bring in customers looking to hire private jets, your chances of getting huge commissions to get higher. This business is suited to guys who have solid marketing skills and persuasive personality to easily convince people to any action you want them to do.

The continued existence of the aviation industry opened doors to new businesses. These businesses were conceived to keep the industry alive and earn revenue in the process. Aviation is a thriving business. We expect it to stay for as long as global trading and travel industry exist.

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