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Tips for Starting an E-Cigarette Business

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cig, is an alternative for traditional cigarette smokers who are looking to stop smoking tobacco products while also eliminating the harmful effects of smoking. These electronic alternatives are more affordable than regular cigarettes and in some cases, the user can smoke in areas where tobacco cigarettes are prohibited.

There are many different e-cigarette models on the market for users to choose from, but the basic premise is the same. The user will inhale water vapor that is combined with nicotine. As a potential e-cig business owner, the market is trendy and shows no signs of decline. In fact, the market has only continued to grow over the past five years.

This business opportunity will allow you, the entrepreneur, to use these steps to start your business and begin advertising online.


Locate a Reliable Dropshipper

To have a successful business, you must have a product, service, or a combination of both for sale. So, the first thing that you will need to do is find a reliable supplier for your e-cigarettes. The supplier should ideally provide dropshipping if you plan to have an e-commerce business based at home, unless you are willing to also hire warehouse space.

Dropshipping is a popular business model because of its low entry barriers. After the customer makes a purchase from you, the order is then forwarded to the supplier. The supplier then fulfills the order and ships the order to the customer.

The order will have no signs that you have a dropshipping business because the supplier will use your company’s logos and details to ship the package. As far as the customer will know, the package was shipped directly from your company.

Your company’s profit will be the difference between the cost you charged the customer and the cost of the product. You can comparison shop to find a supplier that has the most affordable prices and the largest selection of products.

Contact Suppliers

After narrowing down the list of suppliers you are interested in, inquire about:

  • Shipping times
  • Custom fees
  • Minimum orders
  • Bulk discounts
  • Shipping rates

You will also need to understand the supplier’s method of dropshipping and the system that is used to send and complete orders on your end before contacting the supplier. You also want to enquire about returns and how these are handled.

Decide on Your Sales Method

While waiting to get a response from the suppliers and completing a test order, you can decide on the sales method you will use. Dropshipping will require that your business has some type of online presence.

You can list items for sale through an auction site, you can set up an e-commerce site, or you can do both. Do be aware, however, that many auction sites do not allow products containing nicotine to be sold. If you decide to create your own ecommerce store, there are companies you can hire to build you a website that is fully-functional. However, you will be responsible for the domain and hosting. Companies like can assist you with your online marketing campaigns.

More Marketing Options

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are other avenues that you can explore, and you can create a YouTube channel that specifically relates to your brand and company information. Contests, giveaways, and coupons are other ways you can draw more traffic to your website and/or auction listings.

An e-cigarette dropshipping business model is a niche opportunity for those who are looking to begin their entrepreneurial journey. It is a low-cost startup business that can have a very high-profit margin.

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