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7 Best Family Friendly Jobs for Single Parents

The hardest and most demanding job out there is being a single parent, but it is also the most rewarding. It’s a 24/7 job with no breaks, so finding jobs and careers that work around a single parent’s schedule can be difficult. Less than 23.2% of single parents are unemployed, and most can’t afford to be or receive unemployment benefits.
Here is a handy list of jobs that require little education or training and have flexible schedules.

Blog Writer and Book Author

This job is similar to content mill writing, except the topics and articles are completely in your hands. If you are skilled at writing, you can pick a niche and write a small book about the topic you are an expert in. With Amazon’s self-publishing services, it will cost you nothing to write a book and create a blogging site to accompany it. You can monetize the blog site through ads or affiliate links to maximize the amount of revenue you make. This is another great job since all these tasks can be completed from the comfort of your home, minimizing the amount of time you spend away from your children.


A transcriptionist simply listens to audio and then types it out into a readable format. There are dozens of transcription sites with open positions available. They don’t require much training and you only need a basic grasp of English spelling and grammar. Transcriptionists get paid based on skill level and area of expertise. Some medical transcriptionists make around $25 an hour, all from the comfort of their own home. Just like content mill writing, this job doesn’t have a set amount of hours so you can create your own work schedule.

Day Care Proctor

Most education positions require a degree, but working as a general proctor for a local day care only requires a small amount of training. Day cares often operate during general daytime hours while your child is at school. With this schedule, you will be able to still attend to your child after school hours are over. Plus, working with other children and toddlers can create a learning experience for you and help you become a better parent in the long run.

Shaved Ice Business Owner

The great thing about owning your own business is that you get to run it the way you want to and schedule your own hours. Most shaved ice businesses are open during the hot and sunny hours of the day, which coincide with children’s’ school hours. You can work while your child is at school. If you have skills in business ownership, then managing a shaved ice shop is as easy as it sounds. Technically, all you need is a shaved ice machine and some basic knowledge in business management.

Content Mill Writer

There are dozens of content mill sites out there, so you can rest assured there is a position open out there for you. A content mill writer is someone who accepts writing requests and jobs from companies, blogs, and websites. They get paid per word based on skill level. The great thing about the job is that you can work directly from home, so you can always step away to be a parent when you need to. Content mill writers have no set hours or time requirements, so you can work as little or as much as you like. Anyone with basic English and writing skills can get hired to be a content mill writing, so you don’t have to return to school for a degree, maximizing the amount of time you have to be a parent.

Remote Customer Service

A lot of big name companies offer remote job positions such as customer service representative. You will work directly from home, but have a set amount of hours required to work. This job is easy and requires little training. All you need to do is pick up the phone and answer customer questions and concerns to the best of your ability in accordance with company policy. Work from home jobs are ideal when you’re a single parent, and if you like a secure paycheck unlike content mill writing, then these remote customer service positions are ideal.

Graphic Designer

If you are artistically creative and skilled, then a position as a graphic designer or freelance digital artist might be perfect for you. The best part of graphic designer positions is that they can come in a freelance manner or an in-house position. If you want to schedule your own hours and rates, then freelance will sound more appealing. If you like having a secure work environment and work rates, then an in-house position will be better to suit your needs. Not all companies require you to be certified or have a degree in graphic design. Most will accept you if you meet professional standards or are highly skilled in graphics.

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