Where to Sell Your iPhone 5s when the 6 Is Launched

iphone-5sWith the iPhone 6 slated for release somewhere between the months of June and September 2014, many people might be looking for a place to sell their iPhone 5s when Apple makes the former available for purchase. The following list has been comprised for your convenience, highlighting several retailers to consider.

1. Best Buy—$150-$350

They run their buyback through their website and their stores. Depending on the condition of your old 5s, Best Buy compensates you pretty well. Of course, this all depends on the condition (as mentioned before), whether or not you have all of the accessories it came with, and whether or not you're willing to accept a gift card rather than straight cash. If your phone is near mint condition (and you have all of the accessories), then you're probably looking at a return of close to $340-$350.


A seemingly hassle-free website, Apple Shark offers between $125-$366 (broken or new) depending on the condition of your phone. If the screen is cracked, they still offer a solid $170, whereas some retailers or websites might not offer you a dime. Their site is simple enough to navigate: choose your model; determine its condition; fill in the necessary shipping information; and get paid. Their service comes with a 45-day guarantee, free shipping, quick payment, and data wipe, making them an attractive option.


A lazy man's option, works as a hub for other companies, some offering as much as $368 and as little as $120, again depending on the condition of your phone, the accessories included, and the service provider you purchased the phone from. A factory sealed 5s will go for $368, as will a flawless model from Verizon, which seems to offer the most amount of money. They pay via PayPal or check and will mail you a pre-paid shipping kit.

4. Craigslist—$200-$475

Offers on Craigslist tend to vary, but some phones have sold for nearly $500. Because of this, however, it takes quite a bit of effort to procure a reasonable offer, as you'll have to do a good amount of work in order to sell your device. Because of how the website operates, you might consider selling locally so you can meet the buyer in person. Craigslist has no shipping method, so you won't have to give a portion of your profit to the middleman, leaving you with 100 percent of your asking price should you end up selling your phone.

5. Glyde—$101-$650

Depending on a few factors, Glyde can net you anywhere between $101 to a whopping $650 for an iPhone 5s. $101 seemed to be the bare minimum for a damaged 16-gigabyte phone, which they offer to purchase and send to their repair shop, while a mint-condition 32-gigabyte 5s could potentially sell for upwards of $650, depending on a few things, such as how much a person is willing to spend, the quality of the device and whether or not the charger is included, and the price slider.

Glyde's selling system is a bit different in that you can choose to either list your phone at market price, below the market price (netting you more offers), or above the market price (netting you significantly less offers). They offer payment through a Glyde account (which you need to sell the phone and which allows you to transfer your payment to your bank account for free), Bitcoin (free), or a paper check ($2.00 shipping fee). With the Glyde account option, your proceeds are deposited 2-3 days after your phone is received.


So, if you're looking to sell your iPhone 5s in anticipation of iPhone 6 being released, any of the sites or stores listed above would be good bets, giving you the most amount of money for your phone.

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