The Top Advantages of Attending a Trade School

While many high school students are thinking about their options for college, they should also be looking at trade schools as a place to earn a higher education. Many individuals frown on the idea of going to community college and will outright dismiss the idea of going to a trade school. The truth is that there are several advantages to choosing to go to a trade school to earn a two-year degree or a technical certificate. Before you rule out the idea of going to a trade school entirely, find out what you might be missing out on.

Job Opportunities

Thousands of college students have graduated with a four-year degree only to end up spending several years after their graduation in a dead in job that has nothing at all to do with the degree that they earned. Some employers not only want to hire someone with a college degree, they want to hire someone with a college degree and experience. It's kind of difficult to earn experience on the job when you can't get a job in the first place.

CSI’s Elgin tech school and other similar institutions even offer their students job placement assistance, allowing them to transition directly from college to the job market rather than having them spend several years in limbo where they're waiting to start their careers. While college graduates are waiting to get a job, their loans go unpaid and their career desires grow unfulfilled.


Depending on which field you decide to go in, there's a very good chance that you can manage in a tough economy as well as an individual with a four-year degree. Something else to think about regarding wages is that you can start your career and start making money two years earlier than someone who decides to go to college or a university. Think of how many college students graduate with debt. While there's no guarantee that you won't graduate without debt if you decide to go to a trade school, chances are good that you won't have as much debt as a college graduate.

Higher Education

The hard fact of the matter is that not everyone is cut out to go to college. That doesn't mean that those individuals have to spend the rest of their lives flipping burgers and earning minimum wage, it simply means that they might be better suited for other forms of higher education, such as trade school. It doesn't matter if you go to trade school or if you go to college, in either case you're still earning a higher education, and that's all that matters.

You Get to Work With Your Hands

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and don't mind manual labor, then you might find the career of your dreams at a technical college. Technical colleges are more focused on improving your mechanical aptitude rather than your intellectual aptitude. You won't learn about rhetoric, chemistry or statics, but you'll instead learn about automotive technology, HVAC repair and other technical and mechanical areas.

Not every college student will graduate with debt or spend several years with a job that's not in their field, but the other truth is that college simply isn't for everyone. Start looking at trade schools today to see what opportunities they have for you and your future.

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