Is It Worth To Join Electronic Music Schools?

This is the era of creativity. Now people have a variety of options to work with. Some wants to pursue their career in Animation, some wants to pursue it in networking some wants to go in electronic music. But what everybody is wondering is that, it is worthy to enter into their respective fields, because parents always have just one dream of making their children a doctor or an engineer. They should understand that careers are not limited to doctors and engineers only. The world has lots more opportunities for the students.

Electronic Music Schools?

With a great number of young readers of this Recording revolution students are discovering their passion for music production, which is like a natural progression for some and now they want to produce full-time living from this music world.

Like many other professions, one assumes that a degree is required for experience and knowledge but only for their resumes. Well if we say honestly then the idea of going to the school for playing and learning music using the expensive microphones is really very attractive. It is okay if you are still in the dilemma, we will give you some ideas over your fights:

You Do Not Need a Degree for Your Livings

Yes this is true that you do not have to hold any degree if you want to earn your livelihood through music. In fact it won't be surprising if you poll all the top-level engineers and will find that none of them had ever gone to any school for learning any type of audio. You will even find some people that have never gone to the college in fact.

Learning electronic music is an art. It is the creativity you need to show to the world, this is not something you need to learn or give exams of. You can go to any institute available today and simply ask them that you want to join as an intern. Start the processes and explore your world.

If You Are Ready To Pay for the School Then Go

If you are rich enough that you can afford these expensive schools then you must go but if you think it would be difficult to pay the fees then there is no need. There is nothing special you are going to learn. It is just you have to explore your ideas and have to show your creativity. Means it is good if you get a chance to go into these schools but if you do not get then there is no need to be upset.

The ugly truth is that even after getting a degree from a music school, you have to pay to the institutes where you are going to work as an intern. So better is to pay full and finally to the place where you will learn and will become more experienced in your field.

Start With Your Own Studio

Now when you have experience and have learned a lot, start with your own studio. Nobody is going to ask for your degrees but for your knowledge and skills. When you know how to work, make other children learn from you. Think of all what you have been passed through and try to charge less amount to those who really want to learn and grow. Having your own studio will also make you learn a lot from others. Hence this one is a best idea if you really want to grow in a systematic way.

So if you have planned that you are finally going to pursue your career with electronic music then going to an electronic music school is not the only option you are left with. There are various opportunities you can go with.

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  1. Absolutely NO! I am a huge fan of Paul Kalkbrenner. He left school in very young age and started producing music. He learned everything by himself. I think everyone is possible to learn whatever he/she wants. We are living in very modern world and youtube and online lessons are such a great opportunity. It is better to invest in gadgets for producing music than for electronic school.

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