Want To Start Professional Essay Writing?

Want To Start Professional Essay Writing? You Need To Read This First

Do you have to write an essay but have no idea where to start from? Are you looking for a basic guide to essay writing? Here is the answer to all your questions regarding essay writing.

Where should I start from?

Select a topic or if you have already been assigned a topic then stick to that. When selecting a topic to make sure to choose something that interests you because then you are more likely to write an interesting essay that appeals to the readers.

Once you have the topic, the starting point is always to brainstorm. Put down all your thoughts and ideas on paper so as you have a clear idea what you are going to write about. You can pen down your ideas in the form of an outline or a star chart. For an outline, all you need to do is write the topic on the top of the page and then list down all the main ideas that you will discuss followed by supporting ideas and examples. For a star chart, write the topic in the center of the page and then draw lines leading off to the main ideas. You can then draw more lines leading off the main points and ending in supporting ideas and examples.

What’s after brainstorming?

Once you have brainstormed and jotted down all the points that you will be including in your essay it is time to dive into writing the body of the essay. It is best to write the body first because it ensures that you spend ample amount of time on the most important part of your essay. The body should include all the main ideas that support your topic and any arguments that validate the topic. It should be at least 3-5 paragraphs long. When writing the body elaborate each point and give examples or anecdotes so as to retain the interest of the reader.

The Introduction

Once you have written the body, move towards writing the introduction. The introduction needs to be attention grabbing and interesting so try using some anecdotes or a quote. You may also use some surprising statistics or facts to open your essay. The introduction needs to explain the topic and also the purpose of writing the essay. It should be at least 5-8 lines long.

The Conclusion

The conclusion needs to summarize all the points that you made in the essay and it should validate the topic i.e technological momentum. The conclusion should be a paragraph of at least 8-10 lines which show how the entire essay endorses the topic. When writing the conclusion avoid repeating points that you have already mentioned in the body. It should only be a summary of all the points, not a reiteration.

The first and the second draft

Now that you have written the introduction, the body, and the conclusion, this qualifies as the first draft. The first draft is just a rough version of the final essay. In order to improve upon the first draft, you need to re-read the first draft and make sure that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes. While reading through the first draft see if all the points are interlinked and if the flow of the essay is alright. Does the essay seem fragmented? Do the points make sense? Are there enough examples and analogies? Once you have given the first draft a thorough read, sit down to write the second draft. The second draft is a revised version of the first draft and includes all the changes that you noticed when reading the draft.

Proofreading and editing

Once you have re-written your essay with all the corrections that you noticed, it is best to have the essay read by someone else so that they can proofread it and maybe even suggest some edits. Once your essay has been proofread you will need to make the final changes to the essay and then the final draft will be ready.


Citations are used to show when another author’s work has been included in your essay because it supports a point that you are trying to make. Citations can easily be generated in various referencing styles using a citation machine which is available on the internet free of charge.

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