How to Get Quality Essays

wefeqrfYou are probably in college and you are worried about how to write your own essays. Throughout your period on campus, you will have to write research papers and thesis papers. If you are doing a postgraduate degree you have to learn on how to write dissertations. This guide will inform you of everything that you need to know about writing academic papers through two methods: do it yourself or hire someone to do it. So how do you that?

1. How to write academic papers on your own

If you prefer to write the papers by yourself there are a couple of things that are a must-know. The following is a comprehensive list of must know things.


Plagiarism is a sin. It can be disastrous for you. In some universities, students get discontinued when plagiarism is found in their research papers! What is plagiarism? Plagiarism refers to the act of copy pasting other people works. An example of plagiarism is when you go to the internet and search the keywords “Rutherford’s model of the atom” and then you copy the entire content of whatever web page result you have chosen and then submit it to your professor.

Can I avoid plagiarism and if so how?

The answer is yes. A great way to avoid plagiarism is to be very good at paraphrasing. The only way to know if you have plagiarism in your papers is by using a software that is meant to check paper for plagiarism. The are so many software both free and paid that you can use to test for plagiarism. The recommended software that you can use to check for plagiarism is called Copyscape. Usually, lecturers run your work through this software to check if your paper is original.


In academic writing, you have to be very familiar with the various styles of citing your papers. The styles that you use to cite your paper are the corresponding styles that you will use to format your papers as demanded by your lecturer. The styles of citation largely depend on the degree program you are taking. The following are the styles of citation that your lecturers can demand you to use when writing academic papers: APA (American psychological association), MLA (Modern language association), Chicago, Havard, Turabian, and IEEE. When doing academic papers, you have to be familiar of both in-text citations (references you make within a piece of text) and those that you include in your bibliography (a long list of references which is found on the last page of the paper).

Having knowledge of how to do a proper citation is very critical since it earns you marks for the essay that you have written. So does proper formatting according to the required style.

Know how to prepare a bibliography

A bibliography is a long and comprehensive list of references which is put on the last page of the essay that you have done. The rule of the thumb in preparing a bibliography is to be aware of the style of citation first. For instance, an APA-style bibliography has the year, month, date published, then article title, and finally the URL of the web page you retrieved the information from. After knowing all this you can comfortably write academic papers on your own.

If on the other you don’t have the time, energy or even the technical know-how you can either edit already written papers or hire professional writers across the globe to do it.

2. Rewriting already existing papers or hiring writers from a reliable essay writing service

Alternatively, you can rewrite existing papers that are found online in various sites like; and others. Some sites will let you use the papers for free while for others, you have to pay for the paper to view its contents fully. You have to be very good at paraphrasing to be able to rewrite essays. If you are not good at paraphrasing, you can make use of reliable essay services to get your essay, research paper, business plan or even thesis done by professional writers.

Depending on the quality of work that you need, the price that you will pay an academic writer to get your work down greatly varies according to each essay service. The amount that you pay for a paper is calculated on a basis of pay per page which can range from $6 to as high as $20 per page. In most writing services, there involves a lot of bidding and who you will hire can either depend on lowest bid or the reviews of the writer.

Some of the reliable essay writing services are Uvorcorp, Proficient writers, Study bay, Global essay writing, among many others. In finding a reliable essay writing service in USA, you have to consider quality and if they can offer revisions to your orders. After knowing all these insights, be rest assured of better grades.

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