How to Become an Excellent Student

Every student can be an excellent student, even in the 4th grade, even in the 11th. This student will need to learn all the material that teachers give and not to be lazy. However, in addition to these basic principles, there are other methods. In this article, we will reveal all the secrets of successful schooling in high school.

So here are 11 secrets, which will help to become an excellent student in school:

  1. Be friends with the teachers. The first, but very important secret. Good relationships with teachers will give an opportunity not to get bad grades when the teacher has a bad mood. In addition, many teachers may underestimate students who irritate them. In controversial situations (which estimate to put 4 or 5), this friendship will also help. However, do not think that now this teacher will have only good grades, and even more so they do not need to be begged.
  2. Always do homework. Remember, you should start small. Completed homework will not get bad grades, what more, it will improve your knowledge. Take them responsibly, do not think that it’s just the teachers do not want you to rest. It is the “house” that will help you to learn the subject. Do not perform tasks for the teacher, this knowledge will help not only in the next lesson but also on the control.
  3. Be an active participant in the learning process. You will never learn the school course if you do not delve into it. It’s easier to do this on the lesson and at home only to repeat the passed for fastening. Active participation also shows an interest in learning and a thirst for knowledge. This will also be pleasant for the teacher who understands that he is not in vain working as a teacher and there are children in the class who need good knowledge and assessment.
  4. Go for extra lessons. Another feature of an excellent student is that he strives to deepen and improve his knowledge in every subject. Additional lessons just give it. Often they take place in an informal setting and with fewer students, which makes it possible for the teacher to work with everyone individually, explaining the incomprehensible.
  5. Be comprehensively developed. As a rule, excellent students have not only perfect knowledge of the subjects, but in other areas, they are well versed. For example, in sports, cars, applied art, music, etc. Strive to be inquisitive and absorb knowledge like a sponge. Additional skills will never interfere, even at school.
  6. Take an active part in the life of the school. Get some indulgence from the teachers can be if the student is actively involved in various activities: concerts, sports tournaments. To activists, there is always a special attitude, because they represent the face of the school. Therefore, sometimes gaps in knowledge can be skewed to employment for the benefit of your favorite educational institution.
  7. Be a positive person. No one likes people with a bad mood, remember this. Radiating positive, you attract people to yourself. The teacher becomes less picky if, say, you answer at the board. After all, he is also a person, and he does not want to spoil the child’s mood, so with pleasure, somewhere will prompt, something hint. Especially it is pleasant to the teacher when at it most it is bad on the soul.
  8. Learn to be punctual. Show yourself as a person who always comes on time and does not have the habit of being late. Probably, they themselves could have noticed – the delay of the destiny of the two-year-old children who do not care about the school so the lack of punctuality will personify a person who does not care about everyone in the class, especially the teacher. And to have such a man in enemies is not worth it.
  9. Be responsible. Become a man you can always rely on. If you have homework – be sure to do it. If you ware asked to bring an additional book for the next lesson – bring it. Such students are trusted and respected by teachers. Also, responsibility will help in achieving personal goals, because you can not do otherwise.
  10. Work on your speech. Beautiful and delivered speech is important in almost any subject: literature, languages, geography, history, even in mathematics, you need to explain why the problem was solved by this method, and not by another. It is not enough to know, you also need to state your knowledge. The ability to build sentences correctly will help in writing essays. And sometimes it helps to answer the question without even knowing the correct answer. After all, the first rule in school: asked the question – answer! Even if you do not know the answer, only communication will help the teacher to prompt and guide you to the right thought.
  11. Develop mindfulness. Many mistakes that students make are connected with inattention. This is especially true of excellent students and honors pupils who inattentively read the condition of the task, listened inattentively to the teacher, and inattentively checked the written text.

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