How to Do a Book Report: Acquiring Perfect Paper-Writing Skills

getwgwtrgwrNeed help with another complicated college assignment? Is it a book report now? There are a couple of tricks that will help you to create a perfect book report. Now let’s get the job done quickly.

You probably know that there are a lot of tips that are supposed to answer the question “What is a book report?”

However, you have to take most of them with a grain of salt – not all of them are truly useful. So which ones are worth trusting? Let’s find out.

  • State the book title, the author’s name and the date in the first sentence;
  • Offer a short summary of the book;
  • No personal opinion allowed;
  • Provide general information about the book, characters, setting, etc.;
  • Be general.
  • State the book title, the author’s name and the date in the first paragraph;
  • Indicate key events and characters;
  • Offer your ideas along with the authoritative ones;
  • Stress specific elements and features;
  • Be specific.

Well, hopefully, things are a bit clearer now, and you have an idea of what is in a book report and what isn’t. However, sometimes you can confuse a book report for something else, like a book review…

How to Do a Book Report? Impeccably: Reporting versus Reviewing.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble! In the red corner: book report, in the blue corner: book review. So let’s find out the differences between the two. It’s book report vs. book review!

Book ReportBook Review
  1. Offers a short summary (the most important events);
  2. Involves a fixed outline (setting, time period, main character, plot) – mind the strict book report format;
  3. Presents an initial statement (Injun Joe is bad);
  4. Requires objectivity (judging by all the facts involved…).
  1. Often has a specific pattern (pointing out specific details – mind when dealing with a book review summary);
  2. Has a loose outline (setting; time period; plot; the characters);
  3. Presupposes an initial statement (Poe’s The Raven is a thriller);
  4. Contains a personal view of the issue (In my opinion…).

Now you know what is in a book report that makes it perfect!

How to Do a Book Report? Important Warning: Misleading Concepts!

Now let’s see how to get you the final chip that you need for your perfect for your report on a book. Of course, a book report for school differs from one for college, but there are certain basic elements common to both. Let’s right the wrongs and bust the myths about book reports!

  • A book report must touch only on the plot, characters and settings;
  • You must agree with the traditional viewpoint;
  • Book report writing is boring.
  • You can discuss anything up to a book cover;
  • You are more than welcome to offer your ideas as well;
  • Book report writing is fun!

How to Do a Book Report? Exemplifying Completely Impeccable Work

Now it’s the right time to consider a book report example. Follow into the footsteps of professionals – learn how to do a report on a book!

A Book Report on Twilight

Twilight is one of those books that brought vampire franchise to life after several decades of silence since the last Count Dracula movie. Telling a story of romance between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, the book has similarities with Romeo and Juliet, yet Stephanie Meyer shifts it into a gloomier perspective of the supernatural.

The setting of a typical city in a typical middle of nowhere lends charm to the novel. Obviously fusing the genres of drama and thriller, Twilight bridges the gap between younger and older generations the younger and the older generation.

As for the plot, it might seem quite obvious, with a young girl falling in love with the boy she must not, and the lovers trying to make their families reconcile, and the inevitable triumph of love… obvious, but for the final stroke. As the couple sways in a dance, a vampire girl glances at them with hatred.

Mixing two genres, Meyer has had her say in the world of cinema and brought ancient legends closer to modern people. She took the scary-bedtime-story thing and perfected it. And that makes Twilight a completely new genre.

With this book report sample, you’ll surely make it to the top. Now you have all that it takes to create a perfect book report on any topic – just try and you’ll see how easy it is!
Good luck!

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