A Guide to Become a Better Writer of Academic Papers

writingUnless you are a vocacious, above average IQ individual, becoming a good writer requires a lot of work, time, and practice to acquire advanced writing skills. The rule mainly applies when you are supposed to either write academic papers and dissertations, or come up with specialised content for publications and magazines. This article by proposes to provide an insight on how to professionally write your texts and gain the necessary skills to come up with state-of-art writing compositions.

1. Read as much as you can

Reading the works of other famous article or book writers is the main way to improve your writing skills. There is no better way to become an experienced writer than familiarising with different writing styles and genres. If you want to write dissertations and academic papers, you should read scholarly articles and books and also challenge yourself to write such advanced texts.

2. Write, write, write

Practicing your craft is essential to pave your way to success and become an experienced writer. Writing means to train your mind and gain skills. Putting a writing time in your daily schedule is a good option, and while sticking to it, your pieces are to become more and more accurate and interesting. You may consider early mornings; they are said to be the most creative and peaceful moments of the day. Nevertheless, the most important is to find a pace and stick to it.

3. Take a formal writing course

When you need formal training, there are numerous courses to pursue such as enrolling in writing classes at a college or even applying for specialised graduate programs which are widely available in the top universities. If money is a problem for you, then you can take to the internet where you can find free writing courses. Some of them are really worth trying.

4. Vocabulary

Doing vocabulary building exercises is one of the basic steps when you plan to write. Fortunately, the Internet is your friend. Most of such exercises are freely available online. Following such lessons, you should become more expressive and proficient in managing words to build comprehensive phrases and pieces of text. Of course, it happens to come across words you don’t know. In such circumstances use a similar word you know, take some time to research for the new word, and maybe use it later when you edit and proofread your article. However, if this is too much for you, you may consider anessay writing service and they can do the job for you.

5. Target an audience

Improving your writing skills is a long-term process. As a beginner, you maybe don’t want to stick to a specific audience. You can share your writings on forums and blogs, or even on your personal page and on social media. Later, when you become more experienced, you can start writing advanced academic papers and dissertations for people who need topics targeted to specific audiences. While every writer receives rejection letters, don’t be disappointed; persistence is the key.

6. Join writing workshops

Writing workshops are those places on the Internet where aspiring writers meet professionals peer critiques. Such groups (on Facebook, Yahoo or Google+) and forums are recommended to receive positive criticisms on your writings from experienced writers, thus improving your own skills later.

7. Edit and proofread your work

Your writing is both a process and a product. You want to make it useful and appealing for the end-user. Editing is part of the writing process. Don’t fool yourself with the idea that once you write a text you are done with it. Editing and proofreading are crucial steps to come up with a quality product. Always proofread your writing at least twice and make sure no grammatical, lexical, or semantic errors exist. When it comes to academic writing, this is a sine qua non condition.

Last but not least, we recommend this book: The Elements of Style by William Strunk. It is a comprehensive guide to English and grammar, which is considered-by the majority of academic writers and English experts-as one of the best books ever written.

If you have any questions, please ask below!