How Technology Has Changed the Way People Learn

725_table2The days of a blackboard and chalk are gone for most young students. Different types of technologies are changing the way children and younger members of society are taught and how they obtain new information and knowledge. It has never been easier to access this information and knowledge. The latest technology devices are a gateway to more information and knowledge than any teacher in the past could have dreamed of.

Digital white boards

In the past a blackboard and some chalk were a teachers main tools. The digital age has brought about big changes in the way courses and lessons are delivered. Interactive whiteboards give teachers, tutors, professors and other education professionals a more flexible way to teach. These products can interface easily with other electronic devices to display various types of information.

Teaching through video games

It's not so long ago that video games were seen as a waste of time by most teachers and something that distracted students from studying and completing their homework. This view has changed in recent years. Computer gaming technology is currently being used to help teach kids, teens and adults. The interactive nature of computer games makes them the ideal platform to consume information and knowledge. Modules are easy to create and display to students.

Greater access to education through mobile devices

Languages, skills and other courses are easily learnt through a wide range of mobile apps and mobile websites. Millions of people have access to some kind of mobile device. This means more people than ever access online courses and knowledge they would not have had access to a few years ago.

Education and skills based courses are more affordable

Learning a new skill or purchasing a particular training course is more affordable, thanks to the internet and the latest technologies. More people than ever are prepared to share their knowledge and skills online. Many of these educators create courses for large numbers of students. This means they sell courses for less. In some instances, educators are uploading their courses for free and earning money from advertising related to these free courses. This is a win-win situation for educators and students. Educators make money through advertising and students get access to free courses.


Video is one of the most popular ways to learn. Video recordings of lessons about a particular topic are the perfect way to pass on information and knowledge to students. Unlike live courses or lessons, video gives you the opportunity to fast forward and rewind to different parts of a lesson from any location. Video is accessible on all types of PC's, tablets and mobile devices. You can learn on the move or from the comfort of your own home. YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing websites include millions of useful videos for every topic imaginable. These websites also include an easy to use search facility, making it quick and easy to find the specific types of videos you are looking for.

Presentation software

Presentation software packages like Microsoft Power Point are designed to make it easy to produce professional looking presentations. These presentations can be displayed and shared on a wide range of devices including PC's, tablets and mobile devices. The latest presentations are much more appealing than previous solutions, with thousands of professional templates available. They also include many other features such as video which enhance these presentations even more.

Virtual classrooms

One of the big advantages of the internet is the ability to connect with people from all over the world. It's now possible to teach others without meeting these people face to face. Adobe Connect, Skype, Google Talk and similar services let students and teachers communicate through video, audio and messaging. This is the perfect solution if you are teaching languages or topics that require a lot of interaction between teacher and student. Other private membership products are available which offer a secure, private virtual classroom experience for students.

The traditional classroom model is changing. Technology is changing the way we learn because it gives students more choices, is more affordable and is available in a wide range of easy to access formats

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