Educational Departments and Courses offered by Patna University

Patna-CollegeIf you are planning to pursue a degree in MBA, Law, Education, or Economics, then Patna University (PU) is the right option for you. This article focuses on giving an overview of the educational departments and educational courses offered by the university. Read on to know more.

Established during the British rule in 1917, Patna University is one of the oldest universities in Bihar. It has earned accolades for functioning as an examining and affiliating body for more than thirty years. In 1952, the university was transformed into a residential-cum-teaching academic center in Patna. The institution also enjoys the status of being the seventh oldest university in the Indian subcontinent.

Ambition- Quality Education

Patna University offers quality education and research in a productive environment. Committed to achieve the high level of literacy, it ensures assistance to the weaker section of the society. During the twelfth plan period, the institution aims at giving equal attention to all the disciplines such as Biotechnology, Rural Development, Environmental Science, Mass Communication & Journalism, Disaster Prevention and Management, and Management Studies.

Colleges, Institutions and Departments of Patna University

Spread over an area of around 181.58 acres, the university includes a host of colleges and institutes. Apart from Patna Dental College and Patna Medical College, it has ten constituent colleges. These well-recognized colleges of the university include College of Arts & Crafts, Patna College, B. N. College, Magadh Mahila College, Patna Law College, Patna Training College, Vanijaya Mahavidyalaya, Women's Training College, Patna Women's College, and Patna Science College.

The University of Patna has around 42 departments or centers of education. The 31 postgraduate departments offer programs in different faculties such as Humanities, Science, Commerce, Education, Social Sciences, Economics, Education, Botany, Statistics, Law, and Applied Economics & Commerce. The total number of students in overall Postgraduate Departments, Institutes and Colleges is over 18,741. The teacher-student ratio in all the departments is 1:42.

Let's take a look at some of the prestigious courses offered by them:

MBA from Patna University

The institution offers Master of Business Administration under the department of Applied Economics & Commerce. The department started postgraduate courses in commerce during the year 1951. Apart from M.Com, the academic center offers MBA degree through Management Programs. MBA is one of the most preferred courses among BBA students and others taking admissions into the University of Patna. The two year course in management is mainly pursued by the students who want to gain understanding of the different functional areas in business such as Human Resource, Marketing, and Finance. It prepares the future managers to understand and handle the complexities of business in the current corporate scenario.

Law from Patna University

The PG department of law run by the institute is the oldest in Jharkhand and Bihar. Situated in the campus of Patna Law College, the department feels proud in offering the best education in Ph.D. and LLM courses in the country. The excellence of the department can be credited to the efforts of the eminent people who rendered services as the faculty members or the Heads of the Department like Prof. V. V. Deshpande who is nationally and internationally recognized educationist and jurist in the law field. Students seeking career in the field can choose law courses in different areas of specialization, including International Law, Jurisprudence, Intellectual Property, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Environmental Law, Contract and Insurance, and Administrative Law. The department of law offers excellent hostel accommodation and library to facilitate the learning experience of the LLM students.

Economics from Patna University

M.A. in Economics is one of the most sought after courses among students in the university. It comes under the department of Economics. The department was a part of Patna College before 1952. However, it was accessioned to the University of Patna as a result of the promulgation of the university. M.A. in Economics is a popular course offered under the department. It is a two year program and covers a wide range of subject areas such as Monetary Economics, Planning, Public Finance, International Economics, Macro Economic Analysis, Economics of Welfare, Health and Environment, Quantitative Methods, Micro Economic Analysis, Indian Economic Development, Econometrics and Agricultural Economics.


The students of PU are known to have done fairly good in the different fields. The notable alumni of the University include:

  • Lalit Mohan Sharma, Former Chief Justice of India
  • Krishna Sinha, First Chief Minister of Bihar
  • Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar
  • Arbind Singh, an activist
  • Satinath Bhaduri, Novelist


The university includes state-of-the-art auditorium, classrooms, examination halls, library, conference halls and laboratory. During the XIIth Plan Period, the university further plans to modernize its central library, video-conferencing halls and hostels. It also intends to offer accommodation to more students by building more hostels for girls and boys. Buildings for new faculty members, parks and playgrounds constitute the major part of the infrastructural facilities at the campus. Apart from all this, spacious guest houses, affordable and clean canteen and hostel messes makes the life of students more comfortable. Sports facilities and yoga keeps the students fit apart from studies.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your department of studies and get ready to get admission to the University of Patna.

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